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The league has been criticized for refusing to negotiate contracts; as a result, in several instances, the UFC's most popular fighters had refused to fight, preferring instead to leave the UFC for smaller competing league. Kenneth E. Clow
The UFC is to MMA what the National Football League (NFL) is to football. Anthony Johnson
Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose. Whether win or lose, believe in your own value and give always the best of yourself. King Mo
Every fighter has one fight that makes or breaks him. Elia Kazan
Once you make a mistake in a fight or competition you never do that again. Renzo Gracie
A fighter can always recover, and you never know what they're going to come back with. Holly Holm
Fighting is the best thing a man can do with his soul. Renzo Gracie
Martial Arts will make you a better person if you allow it to. So many people see a low point as bad luck but its a learning experience. Cub Swanson
When you're a fighter, and you're not doing good in your work, that happens you lost the fight. Rafael dos Anjos
Anytime you lose one fight in the UFC, you kind of have to feel like you are on the chopping block. There is so much competition in this sport. Charlie Brenneman
You need a dragon hidden inside you. When you need,you let the dragon out Anderson Silva
Be brave, be bold and above all be honest, some people will hate you and some will love you but they will all see the real you. Renzo Gracie
Don't limit yourself and don't let anyone put a limit on your potential. Randa Markos
In fighting, in evolution, in life, efficiency is the key. George St-Pierre
A good fighter usually knows, to within a very few seconds, when a three-minute round is going to end. Jack Dempsey
MMA is one of the biggest sports in the world to rival boxing, football, and professional wrestling M. Laurence
This sport— mixed martial arts, or MMA— is a hurt business. The real hurt business. Jon L. Wertheim
In a short span of time, the UFC has gone from an underground pursuit, kept alive mostly as an Internet-based subculture, to a business that Wall Street values at $500 million. Jon L. Wertheim
Today, old-school sports values play a significant role in the appeal of MMA. There's something brutally, outdated democratic about an organized fight. Jon L. Wertheim
The purest form of sport is fighting, and the purest form of fighting is mixed martial arts. Jon L. Wertheim
When this thing is a sport, all over the entire world, and you can take the UFC to any city in the country, just like soccer then I did it. I did what I set out to do. That's why I was put on this planet. That's my job, my destiny, whatever the expletive you want to call it. Yahoo Sports
The sport of Pankration, which combined grappling and striking skills was a great deal like the modern mixed martial arts. Jeff McCall
The beauty of MMA is that you don't have to excel at one style of fighting. Well rounded fighters who have good skills in a multitude of styles are usually better fighters than someone who trains in just boxing or karate. Jeff McCall
As for the actual fighting, it often assumes the feel of a video game, with its spasms of action and multiple ways of winning and losing. Jon L. Wertheim
To understand combat, one must approach it in a very simple and direct manner. Bruce Lee
I always said MMA is a combination of four Olympics sports and while Olympians train solely for one sport, a mixed martial artist has to know them all. Bas Rutten
Mixed Martial Arts is the execution of multiple combat sports disciplines with the goal of knocking out, submitting or outscoring an opponent before he does it to you. BIg John McCarthy
There are no guarantees in MMA other than that no two fights ever look the same. An experienced champion can get knocked out by an underdog's single punch. BIg John McCarthy
The primary objective of MMA is to win by submission, knockout, or a judge's decision based on strikes, cage dominance, and positional dominance. Loren Landow
Training like a fighter is more than exercise. It's a form of self expression and a great physical outlet. But getting fit like an MMA fighter benefits beyond looking ripped. Cat Zingano