Valentine's Day Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old valentine's day quotes, valentine's day sayings, and valentine's day proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Valentine's Day is the poet's holiday. Ted Kooser
Without Valentine's Day, February would be...well, January. Jim Gaffigan
Idealizing the reality of past romances won't do you any favors as you face Valentine's Day alone. Amy Morin
People love in different ways. You may have a man who brings you flowers every Monday but doesn't give two hooty-hoots about Valentine's Day. Just because he doesn't give you a valentine doesn't mean he doesn't love you! Jada Pinkett Smith
When I got old enough to date, I realized that Valentine's Day is just a commercial marketing scam to make men feel bad. So I let my boyfriends off the hook. Evangeline Lilly
Oh! if it be to choose and call thee mine, / Love, thou art every day my Valentine. Thomas Hood
Today is Valentine's Day--or, as men like to call it, Extortion Day! Jay Leno
I hate Valentine's day. It is a day for nothing but disappointment. Larisa Oleynik
Valentine's Day is one of those tricky celebrations where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. If you love it, you're buying into a holiday created to sell greeting cards, bad bouquets, and shoddy love-themed stuffed animals. And if you're opposed to it, you're considered lonely and single and have clearly never had a valentine. Dan Levy
The best thing about Valentine's Day is that if you don't have a lover, you badly remember to get one! Mehmet Murat ildan
Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate the joy of being in love. Unless you're single and lonely then it's called Laundry Day. Dane Cook
Valentine's Day is definitely one of those days where it's either awesome or it's a downer. Judah Friedlander
Valentine's Day: the holiday that reminds you that if you don't have a special someone, you're alone. Lewis Black
Valentine's Day is the hardest day of the year for a woman to get out, but everybody who is anybody and single is out that night. Patti Stanger
Valentine's Day is the day all singletons like me dread. Michelle McManus
Valentine's Day is like Armistice Day--you declare a truce. Milton Berle
Valentine's Day itself, like most holidays in the modern era, has been heavily influenced by commercialism that focuses on the appeal of romantic fantasies. Aberjhani
Any guy hates Valentine's Day. Even if you're in love, you can't win on Valentine's Day. If you're married, you can't win on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is like the thing you want to avoid at all costs. Vince Vaughn
Valentine's Day is much more of a holy day of obligation for a guy in a relationship with a woman, because a woman has certain emotional expectations. Even if she doesn't value Valentine's Day, or views it as a corporate exercise, she still often wants her boyfriend or husband to go through the motions, just in case she values it. Dan Savage
Valentine's Day is a perfect time to reject the idea that the ideal man is taller, richer, more knowledgeable, more renowned, or more powerful. Stephanie Coontz
To me, Valentine's Day is not merely limited to a lover but speaks of universal love. Dimple Kapadia
Now when arrows don't penetrate, see / Cupid grabs the pistol / He shoots straight for your heart/ Now, and he won't miss you! Andre Benjamin