Womanhood Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old womanhood quotes, womanhood sayings, and womanhood proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Womanhood is a whole different thing from girlhood. Girlhood is a gift...Womanhood is a choice. Tori Amos
A woman's rank lies in the fulness of her womanhood: Therein alone she is royal. George Eliot
Do not live someone else's life and someone else's idea of what womanhood is. Womanhood is you. Womanhood is everything that's inside of you. Viola Davis
My ideal of womanhood has always been the pioneer woman who fought and worked at her husband's side. She bore the children, kept the home fires burning; she was the hub of the family, the planner and the dreamer. Lucille Ball
Womanhood is a flourishing flower. Lailah Gifty Akita
The idea of perfect womanhood is perfect independence. Swami Vivekananda
Womanhood is something you don't consider until it hits you. Laura Marling
Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation. Virginia Woolf
The heart of true womanhood knows where its own sphere is, and never seeks to stray beyond it! Nathaniel Hawthorne
The true worth of a race must be measured by the character of its womanhood. Mary Mcleod Bethune
The true aim of female education should be, not a development of one or two, but all the faculties of the human soul, because no perfect womanhood is developed by imperfect culture. Frances Watkins Harper
It is against womanhood to be forward in their own wishes. Philip Sidney
Real Womanhood isn't a function of becoming a great mother, but of being loved by your Great Father. Ann Voskamp
Womanhood is the great fact in her life; wifehood and motherhood are but incidental relations. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The sanctity of womanhood is incompatible with social liberty and social claims; and for a woman emancipation means corruption. Honoré de Balzac
Pure womanhood plus priesthood means exaltation. But womanhood without priesthood, or priesthood without pure womanhood doesn't spell exaltation. Harold B. Lee
The best things about womanhood might possibly even be the conversations. The chatting. The gabbing. The whispering. The hands-on-hips eye-rolling. The yukking-it up. Katherine Center
The ultimate meaning of true womanhood is this: It is a distinctive calling of God to display the glory of his Son in ways that would not be displayed if there were no womanhood. John Piper