Criss Jami Sayings and Quotes

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To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength. Criss Jami
A fear of weakness only strengthens weakness. Criss Jami
A wise man's goal shouldn't be to say something profound, but to say something useful. Criss Jami
Most men either compromise or drop their greatest talents and start running after, what they perceive to be, a more reasonable success, and somewhere in between they end up with a discontented settlement. Safety is indeed stability, but it is not progression. Criss Jami
The first reaction is surely the most natural one, but not always the most correct one; thereupon, the invention of apologies Criss Jami
All knowledge meets an end at the question... Why? Criss Jami
The most mesmerizing of artists is always like one who was merely drawing in the sand and people came to watch. Criss Jami
Whatever thing a man gets quickly enraged about is his idol, and whatever thing he makes his idol becomes his religion. Criss Jami
The reality of loving God is loving him like he's a Superhero who actually saved you from stuff rather than a Santa Claus who merely gave you some stuff. Criss Jami
Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle. Criss Jami
Never hide things from hardcore thinkers. They get more aggravated, more provoked by confusion than the most painful truths. Criss Jami
A solid answer to everything is not necessary. Blurry concepts influence one to focus, but postulated clarity influences arrogance. Criss Jami
If only we were all better educated. If then, higher education would at last be a journey for skill and knowledge rather than for power and status. Criss Jami
The hype cheapens the hyped, as right things are then made wrong by exaggeration. Criss Jami
Popular culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news, and auto-tune is called singing. Criss Jami
Labeled fools to the world are geniuses to the cosmos. Criss Jami
A solid answer to everything is not necessary. Blurry concepts influence one to focus, but postulated clarity influences arrogance. Criss Jami
When a man has a gift in speaking the truth, brute aggression is no longer his security blanket for approval. He, on the contrary, spends most of his energy trying to tone it down because his very nature is already offensive enough. Criss Jami
When you're appeasing too much, you might be egotistically over-estimating everyone's need for your approval. Criss Jami
Who you are in public is a test of your conviction; who you are in private, integrity. Criss Jami
In an extroverted society, the difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that an introvert is often unconsciously deemed guilty until proven innocent. Criss Jami
The real test of love is loving those who we feel are the hardest ones to love. Criss Jami
A man who loves others based solely on how they make him feel, or what they do for him, is really not loving others at all - but loving only himself. Criss Jami
The purest regret, no matter what, is thinking you didn't love enough. Criss Jami
Your love is as stable as you are: It's not about how good a person makes you feel, but rather what good you can do for them. Criss Jami
It is a healthy approach not to expect persons to turn out precisely how you would have wished. Criss Jami
An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate. Criss Jami
Their doubt is your fuel for dreams. You just have to drive. Criss Jami
Creative people are often found either disagreeable or intimidating by mediocrities. Criss Jami
All things remarkable are surprisingly simple; albeit difficult to find. Criss Jami