George Herbert Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old George Herbert quotes, George Herbert sayings, and George Herbert proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread. George Herbert
He that knows nothing doubts nothing. George Herbert
Be calm in arguing for fierceness makes error a fault, and truth discourtesy. George Herbert
Good words are worth much, and cost little. George Herbert
We bachelors laugh and show our teeth, but you married men laugh till your hearts ache. George Herbert
One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. George Herbert
The first and last frosts are the worst. George Herbert
The evening praises the day, and the morning a frost. George Herbert
He that is surprised with the first frost feels it all the winter after. George Herbert
Let thy mind's sweetness have its operation upon thy body, clothes, and habitation. George Herbert
Lord, how I am all ague, when I seek / What I have treasur'd in my memory! / Since, if my soul make even with the week, / Each seventh note by right is due to thee. / I find there quarries of pil'd vanities, / But shreds of holiness, that dare not venture / To show their face, since cross to thy decrees: / There the circumference earth is, heav'n the centre. / In so much dregs the quintessence is small: / The spirit and good extract of my heart / Comes to about the many hundredth part. / Yet Lord restore thine image, hear my call: / And though my hard heart scarce to thee can groan, / Remember that thou once didst write in stone. George Herbert
Throw away thy rod, throw away thy wrath; O my God, take the gentle path. George Herbert