Israelmore Ayivor Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Israelmore Ayivor quotes, Israelmore Ayivor sayings, and Israelmore Ayivor proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.'

Always dare to be in the company of those stronger than you. Sooner or later, you will be stronger than those who were once stronger than you, but unfortunately, they joined the company of those who are weaker than them! Israelmore Ayivor
Your dreams are like the cement. If you water it with actions, it becomes a hard concrete mass. But if you leave it exposed and unwatered, the air will easily blow it away Israelmore Ayivor
Build a solid courage behind what you believe you can do. Your dreams may drift and fall, but when your courage is strong and still, you can't shift; you'll lift your dreams again! Israelmore Ayivor
Your dreams are like cement. If you water it with actions, it becomes a hard concrete mass. Israelmore Ayivor
Your dreams are like the cement. If you water it with actions, it becomes a hard concrete mass. But if you leave it exposed and unwatered, the air will easily blow it away! Israelmore Ayivor
Every great building once begun as a building plan. That means, sitting in that building plan on the table is a mighty structure not yet seen. It is the same with dreams. Israelmore Ayivor
Conquerors fight their own battles. Israelmore Ayivor
The success gate is far at the end of the long failure corridor. Keep moving no matter how many potholes you step into. You will get there with time! Israelmore Ayivor
One of the first steps to successful leadership is to always forget your age and remember your dream regularly. Israelmore Ayivor
Obstacles are weak walls without foundations; if you fear them, they will defeat you. But the fact is that they are even afraid of you. So why frightened? Israelmore Ayivor
A knowledgeable citizen is a powerful citizen because knowledge is power! Make your nation a powerful one. Keep reading to acquire more knowledge! Let books be your friends; never disappoint them by not studying them frequently! Israelmore Ayivor
The only step that makes the valuable to become valueless is the negative side of your eyes that you use to see it. Israelmore Ayivor
There is a 100% assurance that what your friend's enemy tells you about your friend is false. What your failure tells you about your passion is fake. Don't give up. Israelmore Ayivor
Leaders don't fall in gutters of fear; only negative ideas flow in that canal. There, you will see filthy things like doubts and disbelief. Israelmore Ayivor
Don't sit on the fence; break it and move out! Don't be confined to the little things you do; the sky should be below your limit! Israelmore Ayivor
If you fall into a pit, you need a ladder, not a hoe. You must climb up and not dig up. Leaders discover the right way out of limitations. Israelmore Ayivor
The ladder of leadership can only stand firm on the grounds of integrity. Any other ground makes it unstable till it falls. Israelmore Ayivor
Whatever is difficult can be done with regular attention and actions. Stay focused. Israelmore Ayivor
What is in the pencil is greater than what is around it. The talents in you are greater than the environment surrounding you. Your potentials will change your environment. Israelmore Ayivor
The rise or fall, success or failure of your dreams is largely dependent on the association you build yourself around. Israelmore Ayivor
Take a stand; go for the right choice. Don't just sit for anything; stand for something. Be specific because sometimes, when the meaning is not clear, there us absolutely no meaning! Israelmore Ayivor
Develop a can-do-spirit and be sure you are not suppressed by the naysayers whose daily actions are meant to discourage you from achieving what you believe. Israelmore Ayivor
Leave me alone, is not a good news! Let's be together is not a bad news. We were made to be each others keepers. Let love lead Israelmore Ayivor
Be quick to resolve conflicts before they mature to become wars. The energetic crocodile was once a delicate egg! Israelmore Ayivor
Leaders do what is uncomfortable but helpful. They run away from the comfort that doesn't produce any help for the world. Israelmore Ayivor
Make an impact with your connections. You don’t only connect because you want to get people who will help you. You also connect in order to get to know who you can help. Israelmore Ayivor
The crocodiles that frighten from crossing the rivers of our destinies are easily drowned with personal confidence but not team courage. It means you owe it to yourself to defeat your own crocodiles and cross over to the other side! Israelmore Ayivor
You care, you dare and you share; this is the unforgettable rule of every true believer and achiever. Israelmore Ayivor
Don’t despise little things that contain tiny miracles. Enjoy little actions! Israelmore Ayivor
The kind of soil in your area determines the type of crop you will plant to harvest; The kind of potentials in you will decide the type of success you will celebrate. Israelmore Ayivor