Lighthouse Sayings and Quotes

Lighthouses are known for guiding mariners to safety and warning of danger ahead. People can also serve as beacons lighting the way, guiding others to the right path. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and insightful lighthouse quotes.

How at a crossroads he there stood / a lighthouse shining, and always would. Kurt Philip Behm
And yonder slender stream of changing light, / Now white, now crimson, tremulously bright, / Where dark the lighthouse stands, with fiery crown. Celia Thaxter
But as through the fog a lighthouse, / Or as Northern Lights o'er darkness, / Gleamed his thought with light and guidance. Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
A far-off light across the waste, / As dim as dim might be, / That came and went like a lighthouse gleam / On a black night at sea. William Cosmo Monkhouse
For, surely as I see tonight / The glancing of the lighthouse light, / Against the sky, across the bay, / As turn by turn it falls my way, Arthur Symons
The fixed star of his faith, through all / Loss, doubt, and peril, shone the same; / As through a night of storm, some tall, / Strong lighthouse lifts its steady flame. John Greenleaf Whittier
Holding up the fire, / I'm lighting up the sky / Like a lighthouse on the ocean, / I bring your home alright. David Nesta Marley
Lighthouse tall and grand / Standing on that cold headland / Shine your light across the sea / For a wayward sailor girl like me. Chad Alan Gracey
The lighthouse lost it's beam / And now all I see / Is the face of the cliffs between the moonlight waxing. Garrett Michael Zablocki
Like a lighthouse on the darkest night / Your love will always shine / And though I may have lost my way / That beacon, I will find. John Edward Moffat
Searching for some kind of direction, / Looking for a guiding light / Needed to see a lighthouse, / Like a ship on a stormy night. D'Antignac
'Cause there's a lighthouse, in the harbor / Shining faithfully / Pouring its light out, across the water / For this sinking soul to see / That someone out there still believes in me. Jenny L. Yates
The waves crash in / The tide rolls out / It's an angry sea / But there is no doubt / That the lighthouse / Will keep shining out / To warn a lonely sailor. Rich Mullins
A lighthouse may seem old and cracked / But can save you when you fight against the gale / And so you look for a pair of bright eyes / When everything else seems to fail. Morten Maehre
The lighthouse braces against the wind / Silver light reaching for the lost / Laced windows, worried eyes / Fearful of the cost. Art Davis