Love Sayings and Quotes

Love is the glue that holds relationships together, whether they be friendships, familial or romantic. While we know what love feels like, it is often difficult to put this emotion into words. Skip being tongue-tied and view the collection of wise, inspirational, and humorous love sayings and quotes below.

Love is too large, too deep ever to be truly understood or measured or limited within the framework of words. . . . Love is a mystery. M. Scott Peck
Love is the expression of an ancient need, that human desire was originally one and we were whole, and the desire and the pursuit of the whole is called love. Aristophanes
Love is a drama of contradictions. Franz Kafka
When we love someone, we should look deeply into the nature of that love. If we want to be with someone so that we can feel safe, that’s understandable, but it’s not true love. True love doesn’t foster suffering or attachment. On the contrary, it brings well-being to ourselves and to others. True love is generated from within. For true love to be there, you need to feel complete in yourself, not needing something from outside. True love is like the sun, shining with its own light, and offering that light to everyone. Thich Nhat Hanh
'Love' is a beautiful word, and we have to restore its meaning. When we say, 'I love hamburgers,' we spoil the word. We have to make the effort to heal words by using them properly and carefully. True love includes a sense of responsibility and accepting the other person as she is, with all her strengths and weaknesses. If you only like the best things in a person, that is not love. You have to accept her weaknesses and bring your patience, understanding, and energy to help her transform. This kind of love brings protection and safety. Thich Nhat Hanh
Love is the acute awareness of the impossibility of possession. Arnold Pernes
Love is in fact quite ordinary, less than cosmic, not the answer to all of life’s problems and sometimes calamitous. Robert C. Solomon
Fear unchecked grows exponentially. Love poured forth has the power to remove it. Marianne Williamson
To love is indeed nothing else than to crave something for its own sake. St. Augustine