Loyalty Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old loyalty quotes, loyalty sayings, and loyalty proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Loyalty is something you give regardless of what you get back, and in giving loyalty, you're getting more loyalty; and out of loyalty flow other great qualities. Charles ''Tremendous'' Jones
Loyalty ... is a realization that America was born of revolt, flourished in dissent, became great through experimentation. Henry S. Commager
We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty. G.K. Chesterton
The greater the loyalty of a group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals. Rensis Likert
If a man asks me for my loyalty...I will give him my honesty. If a man asks me for my honesty...I will give him my loyalty! John Boyd
We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it. Edward R. Murrow
Be loyal and trustworthy. Do not befriend anyone who is lower than yourself in this regard. Confucius
You don't earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day- by- day. Jeffrey Gitomer
Unless you can find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living. Josiah Royce
Loyalty A will, a decision, a resolution of the soul. Pascal Mercier
I have a loyalty that runs in my bloodstream, when I lock into someone or something, you can't get me away from it because I commit that thoroughly. That's in friendship, that's a deal, that's a commitment. Don't give me paper — I can get the same lawyer who drew it up to break it. But if you shake my hand, that's for life.. Jerry Lewis
Be loyal to those who are not present. In doing so, you build the trust of those who are present. Stephen Covey
A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything. Anonymous
Loyalty means I am down with you whether you are wrong or right, but I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right. Anonymous
Loyalty is the highest virtue taught by abusers, and used as a control tool. Dr Bill Tollefson
Fidelity purchased with money, money can destroy. Seneca
It is better to be faithful than famous. Theodore Roosevelt
The scholar does not consider gold and jade to be precious treasures, but loyalty and good faith. Confucius
Where there is loyalty, weapons are of no use. Paulo Coelho
They say loyalty's golden and it will make you rich / Well, I'm royal, my cloth is purple, I never switch / High chief, low eyes and hella jewels / Word from the wise, it's time to rise and show 'em proof. Corey Woods
I'm searching for the meaning / You said you'd be my everything / I guess your words mean nothing / So go and prove your loyalty. Franck
Loyalty lives and we don't know why / And the paw is pressed against the nerve of the sky / You can leave him behind but he won't leave you / And the road to Heaven is true - true blue. Patti Smith
In loyalty to their kind / They cannot tolerate our minds / In loyalty to our kind / We cannot tolerate their obstruction. Jefferson Airplane
And there's a loyalty that's deeper / Than mere sentiments / And a music higher than the songs / That I can sing. Richard Mullins
Loyalty, I gave my loyalty / I gave my heart and my soul. / My heart and soul and all I could give / For a reason to live. Torstein Flakne
A women's loyalty is tested / When her man has nothing / A man's loyalty is tested / When that man has everything. Ryan Daniel Montgomery
And the wrong words make you listen / In this criminal world / Remember it's true, loyalty is valuable / But our lives are valuable too. Brian Eno
Let's make this something special / I want this to grow / Because of the loyalty you show / I'll never let you go. Edward Theodore Riley
Through the madness we find / Loyalty is no match for power / Save your body or lie, left to rot in / Your darkest hour / Friends won't help you now as long as your mine. Brian Haner
True loyalty is proven not proclaimed. Craig Groeschel