Message Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old message quotes, message sayings, and message proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Life is a message scribbled in the dark. Vladimir Nabokov
What message is needed when heart speaks to heart? Ramana Maharshi
Our eternal message of hope is that dawn will come. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The message sent is not always the message received. Virginia Satir
Live the message, don't just read about it and preach. Dennis M. Dupuis
Messages that fail to fascinate will become irrelevant. Sally Hogshead
The message behind the words is the voice of the heart. Rumi
The freedom message brings us together, it doesn't divide us. Ron Paul
The message coming back at all of us is: live without closure. Terence McKenna
Trust that your message is a unique one that people need to hear. Kathryn Budig
The simpler the message, the broader the meaning, in many respects. Paul Rodgers
When you want your message to be heard, always speak from your heart. Molly Friedenfeld
A blog is a message in a bottle, both in purpose and likely readership. Robert Brault
If you want to burrow a message into a human mind. Work it into a story. Jonathan Gottschall
A difficult message to hear is an opportunity to enrich someone's life. Marshall B. Rosenberg
Everything you do sends a message about who you are and what you value. Michael Josephson
Every message, regardless of form or content, is an expression of a need. Marshall B. Rosenberg
Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message. Malcolm Muggeridge
Don't let the culture influence your message, let your message influence the culture. Mike Huckabee
The Buddhist message is a message not of the negation of life, but one of affirmation. Frederick Lenz
A message prepared in the mind reaches a mind; a message prepared in a life reaches a life. Bill Gothard
Nature's message was always there and for us to see. It was written on the wings of butterflies. Kjell Bloch Sandved
Every message of despair is the statement of a situation from which everybody must freely try to find a way out. Eugene Ionesco
A record is a message, timeless. Ziggy Marley
The message of great art is to disturb. Elayne Boosler
Every happening is a lesson, a message. Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Send message to the future by writing it today! Toba Beta
Through silence only the good messages go unheard. Brian Patten
Stay consistent with your message and who you are. Wilmer Valderrama
It's not about the language, it's about the message. Goitsemang Sandra Mvula