Mother And Daughter Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old mother and daughter quotes, mother and daughter sayings, and mother and daughter proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

What it means to be a good mother is entirely different from what it means to be a good father. SuEllen Hamkins
For many women, our relationships with our mothers and with our daughters are the core of our emotional lives. SuEllen Hamkins
Becoming a mother is more than a change of job: it involves reorganizing one's entire personality. Oakley
Moms come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn't matter to their daughter. Carole Lewis
Little girls, from the earliest age, want to talk like Mom, dress like Mom and be like Mom. Even girls who have been abused want to stay with Mom, always hoping for a better life. Carole Lewis
Girls love their moms--just because. Moms wield a greater influence on their daughter's lives than any other person. Carole Lewis
Sometimes daughters want to change things about themselves that they didn't like in their moms, only to find that when they are grown, they are very much like their moms in many ways. Carole Lewis
Moms who did not receive the right kind of love from their mothers often replicate that deficiency with their daughter's rearing, and a love]-hate relationship forms. Nevertheless, a daughter never stops wishing and hoping for her mom's unconditional love. Carole Lewis
A good mother is not expected to be perfect and self-sacrificing to the point of martyrdom. She has her own emotional baggage, her own scars, her own needs. She may have work that she doesn't want to compromise, and there may be times when she's not available to her daughter. Susan Forward
But if her dominant behavior engenders in her daughter a belief in her own value and nourishes her self-respect, confidence, and safety, that mother is ding a good job, whether she's a wonderful mom or just good enough. She's demonstrating real love, in a tangible, reliable way, to her child. Susan Forward
Girls define their emerging womanhood by identifying and bonding with their moms. Susan Forward
Mothers and daughters have always had interesting relationships. Sherry Conway Appel
Mother and daughter loved, supported and encouraged each other. Ellen Frazer-Jameson
The bond between mother and daughter was so strong that it was difficult for anyone else to find a way into their sacred circle. Ellen Frazer-Jameson
Every woman is a daughter and every woman had a mother. The bond of the mother and daughter relationship is so profound, so deep and long-lasting, that women often miss their mothers fifty years after they are gone. Jack Canfield
One birthed, a mother/daughter relationship is perhaps immortal. Jack Canfield
In a world that brings hardship as well as joy, mothers show up in all sorts of wonderful and magical ways. Jack Canfield
Daughters offer their mothers an opportunity to become whole, just as mothers offer the same to their daughters. Jack Canfield
The bond between mothers and daughters nearly always remains intact through thick and thin, despite differences and disagreements, distance, and time. Colleen Sell
There might be misunderstandings, mistakes and mysteries between mothers and daughters that are not easily resolved. However, the important thing to remember is most can be resolved -- even if the resolution comes only from accepting one another, as is warts and tantrums and 'mean mommy' and all. Colleen Sell
The rewards f a loving mother-daughter relationship are well worth any effort it might require, and they far outweigh and outlast any 'troubles' that may arise. Colleen Sell
Surely, the unique relationship shared by mothers and daughters is one of life's most fascinating and profound blessings. Colleen Sell
A daughter watching in rapt attention as Mommy dresses for work, a night out, or even pulling on her on her grocery store sweats. Hillary L. McBride
Mothers are the most dynamic and influential force on the development of a young woman's journey to being herself. Hillary L. McBride
Mothers have the power to be the most important person in helping their daughters know freedom, voice,depth, beauty, power, and safety. Hillary L. McBride
If mothers really are as influential as we say they are, then they have the potential, through relationship with their daughters, to protect their daughters, to fight for them, to create a new world for them, and give them freedom (not just baggage). Hillary L. McBride
Regardless of where we are in our respective lives, the mothers and daughters in my family stay connected and try, at least, to stay tuned into one another. We have an impact on and have left an imprint on one another's lives. Colleen Sell
Mothers and daughters speak daughters speak freely and clearly about their joys, frustrations, disappointments, hopes, and dreams. Ann F. Caron
After a typical day, most mothers and daughters we know consider the night a success if they can squeeze in time for a hug and kiss on the way to sleep. Shireen Dodson
Today much of a mother's life style--if she still lives according to traditional values--must be rejected as the main female model for her daughter if the daughter is to create a non-traditional role for herself. Ruth Wodak