Motocross Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old motocross quotes, motocross sayings, and motocross proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Most beginner bikes are quiet. They come with exhausts that allow the bike to be ridden on public trails. James Holter
The deafening sound and the smell of the engines at a dirt-bike race is like nothing else. Paul Mason
Not everyone rides dirt bikes in races. Some bikers prefer to ride through the woods with a few friends. But the best courses are almost all used for races. Paul Mason
It is a good idea to bring plenty of water. Dirt biking is thirsty work! Paul Mason
Dirt bikes make it possible to travel areas where other vehicles would get stuck. S.L. Hamilton
Many dirt bikes owners also love to test their riding skill in motocross competitions. S.L. Hamilton
Imagine you are riding on a dirt bike. Warm air blows past you as you speed along hilly trails. You may even do special stunts, such as jumps or spins. Sarah Tieck
Many parts work together to make it move. A dirt bike is an amazing vehicle. Sarah Tieck
Some people ride dirt bikes for recreation, such as outdoor adventures. Sarah Tieck
Dirt bike racing is fast and dirty. Riders speed over jumps. They soar through the air and slam back to earth. M. Weber
This makes dirt bike racing one of the most physically demanding and dangerous motorsports. M. Weber
Dirt bike races are also held on challenging outdoors courses. No two courses are the same. M. Weber
Some people ride dirt bikes for recreation, such as outdoor adventures. Other use them for sports. Sarah Tieck
Freeride motocross is a about exploring nature and developing creativity while riding. Elliott Smith
From coast to coast, kids are burning up the track and the trail on dirt bikes. James Holter
They do tricks while their powerful dirt bikes soar through the air. Judges score each trick based on difficulty, style, originality, and landing. Matt Scheff
Riding motocross is about more than just riding laps, and the sooner you develop good form, the sooner you'll learn new tricks. Billie B. Brooklyn