Neighbors Sayings and Quotes

Good neighbors are invaluable. They share important information about the community, are responsible pet owners, and most importantly, not too nosy. A bad neighbor can turn your dream home into a nightmare. It’s a delicate balance. Check out the collection of wise and humorous neighbors quotes below.

Ask your neighbor only about things you know better yourself. Then his advice could prove valuable. Karl Kraus
The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige, and even his life for the welfare of others. Martin Luther King
If you must love your neighbor as yourself, it is at least as fair to love yourself as your neighbor. Nicolas Chamfort
The love of our neighbor in all its fullness simply means being able to say, "What are you going through? Simone Weil
The curiosity of the neighbors about you, is a tribute to your individuality, and you should encourage it. Quentin Crisp
A neighbor is something that belongs to the stable world of home life, the thing that lives next door to you. Rachel Cusk
Even the worst neighborhood of Heaven will be better than the best neighborhood of the fanciest town on Earth! David Berg
We fear our neighbor's hostile mood because we are afraid that this mood will lead him to penetrate our secrets. Friedrich Nietzsche
If you want your neighbor to know what Christ will do for him, let the neighbor see what Christ has done for you. Henry Ward Beecher