Nieces Sayings and Quotes

Nieces are sweet gifts from our siblings. Free from the task of parenting, we can spoil them at will and without consequence. Below you’ll find a collection of wise, inspirational and humorous nieces quotes, sayings and proverbs to help celebrate your favorite niece.

Why should I marry? One marries to have children, but I already have children! My nieces and nephews are my children. Salman Khan
Nieces are like sunshine on a rainy day. Catherine Pulsifer
Nieces, like friends but even cooler. unknown
Nieces are like flowers that brighten your day. Anonymous
All nieces are brilliant and beautiful… and obviously take after their aunt. Anonymous
A niece adds beauty, joy, and love to life. Anonymous
A niece makes life a little sweeter. Anonymous
A niece is a joy to remember your whole life through. Anonymous