Nomad Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old nomad quotes, nomad sayings, and nomad proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

A roving, roaming life is mine, / Ever by field or flood — / For not far back in my father's line / Was a dash of the Gipsy blood. Henry Lawson
Bed in the bush with stars to see, / Bread I dip in the river — / There's the life for a man like me, / There's the life for ever. Robert Louis Stevenson
I never have seen a vagabond who really liked to roam / All up and down the streets of the world and not to have a home: / The tramp who slept in your barn last night and left at break of day / Will wander only until he finds another place to stay. Joyce Kilmer
He wander’d east, he wander’d west, / And heard no human sound; / For months and years, in grief and tears, / He wander’d round and round. William Cosmo Monkhouse
The wind does blow as it lists always; / Canst thou change this world to thy mind? / The world will wander its own wise way; / I also will wander mine, mine, / I also will wander mine. Thomas Carlyle
Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest; / Home-keeping hearts are happiest, / For those that wander they know not where / Are full of trouble and full of care; / To stay at home is best. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Oh! that I too could call a home my own!' / Said the lone wanderer, as he wistful gazed / Through the clear lattice, on the hearth's wide stone, / Where cheerily the jocund fire blazed. Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
So, wanderers in the world may pausing gaze / Upon some radiant form with smiles of light, / And seeing but the outward beam that plays, / Envy their joys — and deem that all is bright. Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
I'm a wanderer / so let that be my name — / the first winter rain Matsuo Basho
He wanders, like a day-appearing dream, / Through the dim wildernesses of the mind; / Through desert woods and tracts, which seem / Like ocean, homeless, boundless, unconfined. Percy Bysshe Shelley
When you’ve knocked about the country — been away from home for years; / When the past, by distance softened, nearly fills your eyes with tears — / You are haunted oft, wherever or however you may roam, / By a fancy that you ought to go and see the folks at home. Henry Lawson
I have just seen you go down the mountain. / I close the wicker gate in the setting sun. / The grass will be green again in coming spring, / But will the wanderer ever return? Wang Wei
There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir. William Bliss Carman
I was, after all, invited, though I feel in an unavoidable way as alone as a nomad. Richard Ford
A man who leaves home lo mend himself and others is a philosopher; but he who goes from country to country, guided by a blind impulse of curiosity, is a vagabond. Oliver Goldsmith
I must go down to the sea again, to the vagrant gypsy life, / To the gull's way and the whale’s way where the wind's like a whetted knife; John Masefield
How does it feel / To be on your own / With no direction home / Like a complete unknown / Just like a rolling stone? Bob Dylan
Nomad, rider of the ancient east / Nomad, rider that men know the least / Nomad, where you come from no one knows / Nomad, where you go to no one tells David Michael Murray; Stephen Percy Harris
The nomad wanders far and wide / Wider than the size of the sky / The nomad seizes those who catch this eye / The loom has run out of wire Freddie Ireland
Got no city, got no land / Got no lover, got no wife / How many ways to say goodbye / Can one man fit in a nomad life? / Can one man fit in a nomad life? Bruce Cockburn
I am an outcast / All alone / I'm a nomad without home Ted Oscar Lundstroem; Olavi Mikkonen; Johan Soederberg; Johan Hegg
Highway vagabonds, living like hippies / Moving right along to the next big city Luke Dick; Natalie Hemby; Shane Mcanally
Oh I could tell you a story of a vagabond / He was a playboy of the western world / He wore an earring in his left ear / You see his father he was a gypsy Philip Parris Lynott
Cause I'm a wanderer / I travel every place / 'Cause I'm a wanderer / From here to outer space / 'Cause I'm a wanderer / Got no time / 'Cause I'm a wanderer / Just a wanderer Giorgio Moroder; Donna Summer
You're my wanderer, little wanderer / Off across the sea / You're my wanderer, little wanderer / Won't you wander back to me / Back to me Benjamin Gibbard
Oh the wind in my hair / It sings my song / To be a wanderer and to go home Selima Taibi
Let me live on the range where the tumbleweeds grow / Let the silver sands change where the prairie winds blow / Let the wanderer sing where the wanderers go / Let the melody ring for he's happy I know Bob Nolan
Wanderer, oh wanderer / Chasing up every star / Run for one and then catch none / Then you will know what you are James McCarty; Keith Relf
I journey through this frozen land on my own / There's no shelter anywhere down the road / When this mystic wanderer comes around / And the dying hope in my heart starts to grow Ted Oscar Lundstroem; Olavi Mikkonen; Johan Soederberg; Johan Hegg
Oh, you know us, traveling vagabonds, who drift with the changing winds. Mentor