One Year Anniversary Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old one year anniversary quotes, one year anniversary sayings, and one year anniversary proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The pleasure's all mine 'cause we have seen good times / It's our anniversary Victoria / Won't be no secret at the end of the day / It's our anniversary Burt Bacahrach
It's our anniversary made for you and me / Today is a special day not just any day cause you can have everything / You want your way / Tell your supervisor you're leaving early today and / I'm going to pay for the rest of your day Burt Bacahrach
But when I look back baby / When I look back to what we had / And I know I'm counting good times / But there were just as many bad / And so I wish you / Happy anniversary baby Beeb Birtles
Oh, have a happy anniversary / 'Cause I've got you on my mind / Always on my mind / Happy anniversary Beeb Birtles
The anniversary waltz with you / Tell me I may always dance / The anniversary waltz with you / Tell me this is real romance Al Dubin
An anniversary dream come true / Let this be the anthem to our future years / To millions of smiles and a few little tears / May I always listen to / The anniversary waltz with you Al Dubin
Suddenly I laid eyes on you / That's when you made me brand new / Today is a holiday for two / It's our anniversary Edwin Serrano
Tonight we're gonna celebrate / Cheers to another year with me / Today is a holiday for two / It's our anniversary Edwin Serrano
So darling, Happy Anniversary / You've made my life for me / Once again, thanks for the memory / My darling, Happy Anniversary Eldridge
You're the greatest couple the world has ever seen / We love you both, we wish you the best / Happy anniversary / Great joy and happiness Jill Wisoff
Happy Anniversary / I know you meant to give your best / 'It's the thought that counts' Leslie Ann Sampou
I believe in happily ever after / There's no joy like the sound of your laughter / It seems that God has send me an angel to me / And in your arms is where I always wanna be / Happy anniversary Anthony (DE) Freeman
Imagine me on our first anniversary / With some one like you in the nursery / It doesn't sound bad, and if it can be had / I'll buy that dream Allie Wrubel
Happy anniversary sweetheart to you from me / Thanks for loving me another year / I wanted our whole town to see the woman who consistently / Has been the sweetest sweetheart of the year Clyde Pitts
Girl I appreciate you loving me / Those moments when my strength was gone / I couldn't quit cause you kept holding on / Today's our anniversary and I appreciate you loving me Taryll Jackson
I'll promise you a world / Of making of amends / And on our anniversary / Invite you round the bend Cathal Joseph Smyth
It's our anniversary / Celebrating you and me / Nowhere else I'd rather be, oh no Joss Stone
It's our anniversary / A special day in history / I will love you endlessly Joss Stone
We decided to have an anniversary, and that went quite well, / So after the anniversary we had a honeymoon, and that went well too. / So after that we decided that we would get married, / And that's why we're living here now. Christopher Geddes
Touched a dream / Fills our vacancies but together the perfect chemistry / Forever anniversaries / Touched a dream Robert S Kelly
First Anniversary / Like the vain curlings of the watery maze, / Which in smooth streams a sinking weight does raise, / So Man, declining always, disappears / In the weak circles of increasing years Andrew Marvell
An anniversary says, 'Think of the dreams you have weathered together. They are intimate accomplishments.' Charles Swindoll
Strong marriages are built on the loving things people in the present, not on the memories of the things they did in the past. Dr. Steven Craig
Focus on continually changing and growing in order to make sure you are someone your spouse would still choose today. Dr. Steven Craig
Successful couples don't escape difficult times; they change and adapt, forging a stronger relationship. Dr. Steven Craig
These are the gifts we ask on our anniversary: a steady deepening love, which grows in understanding and unselfishness and a measure of patience so that life can fall in step with life. Mike Yaconelli
No part of her life should be outside of her relationship to her husband and outside of subordination to him. Edward D. Andrews
This subordination of wife to husband has a practical aspect in that it creates a greater effectiveness in their working together as one. Edward D. Andrews
Married couple should have an understanding of their spouse suffering from inherent sin, imperfection, and human weakness, so as to make allowances for falling short. Just how bad is it? Edward D. Andrews
Every husband must love his wife as himself and every wife must respect her husband. Joanne Cleave