Overcomer Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old overcomer quotes, overcomer sayings, and overcomer proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to ovecome apathy, doubt or fear. Dan Millman
Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. Steven Mason
The sense of danger is never, perhaps, so fully apprehended as when the danger has been overcome. Arthur Helps
The lack of belief is a defect that ought to be concealed when it cannot be overcome. Lillian Smith
Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome, seldom extinguished. Francis Bacon
Buy me and you will overcome the anxieties I have just reminded you of. Michael Schudson
This is the way of peace: overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love. Steven Mason
The superior man makes the difficulty to be overcome his first interest, success only comes later. Confucius
The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck. Steven Mason
If your heart is in a good place it can give you the strength to do the right thing and behave the right way and overcome the mind. Steven Mason
Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome. Samuel Johnson
Good courage in a bad affair is half of the evil overcome. Titus Maccius Plautus
Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self. Giovanni Francesco
Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. Helen Keller
Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. William James
Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity. Lou Holtz