Problems Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old problems quotes, problems sayings, and problems proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

There is no magic wand that can solve our problems. The solution rests with our work and discipline. Jose Eduardo Dos Santos
You have to step back and look at solutions to problems rather than lamenting problems that cannot be solved. George Boseman
You have 'framed' the problem in that way but it can be looked at it in a different way. George Boseman
Let's work the problem people. Let's not make things worse by guessing. Jim Lovell
Not that there actually is a problem. But you just feel the alienation from yourself, from life. Adyashanti
Hey, speaking from experience, chasing after other people's problems is never a good idea. Doris Hursley
You can't cure a problem until you know what's causing the problem. But before you can see what's causing the problem, you first have to remove the problem. Blake Edwards
It's better than making your problems other people's problems. Dan Harmon
The problem with perfection... is its inability to recognize anything less perfect than itself. Ron Cowen
Then that makes things simpler. Go see one of them and pull out all your problems with them. It should be simple. Kinoko Nasu
At least I gotta know what I wanna be / Don't come to me if you need pity / Are you lonely you got no one / You get your body in suspension / That's no problem, problem / Problem, the problem is you Glen Matlock
Problems, big problems, small problems / Still we got to solve them / Settle for less is problems / We could do our best and solve them / Stop wishing and waiting, stop meditating on a fairy tale David Nesta Marley
All over the world there are problems / Who cause them, sure got the cure / Stop wishing, stop waiting, stop mistaking, problems David Nesta Marley
Problems, problems, problems all day long / Will my problems work out right or wrong? / My baby don't like anything I do / My teacher seems to feel the same way too Felice Bryant
Problems / They won't be solved until I'm sure of you / You can solve my problems with a love that's true Felice Bryant
Money is a problem is a problem / A problem on the rich can comprehend / If money is a problem is a problem / I wish I had / A couple of problems to spend Nicholas Brodszky
Everyone's got some problems, not just ones you see / Everyone's done some falling, everybody needs to speak / Everybody's got some problems, not just you and me Aaron Hoffman
Anybody that talk about me, got problems / So, anybody that try to take away the Chaser's money as a whole, they got a problem / We going suffocate Shamann Cooke
I never had a problem till / I knew you'd try to solve it / Well I, I never had a problem / Don't you, till I told you, yeah Paul Westerberg
The feeling you're getting is downright depressing / Do you foresee a way out for me / Well it's not my problem to help you solve them / Do you wanna go through it, do you really wanna do it Paul Westerberg
I don't know what they want from me / It's like the more money we come across / The more problems we see Christopher Wallace
A problem of philosophy is completely different from a problem of science. Herbert Wildon Carr
The problem of truth is a problem of philosophy. Herbert Wildon Carr
Problem solving develops the belief in students that they are capable of doing mathematics and that mathematics makes sense. Van de Walle
These 'problems' serve the purpose of giving students practice using computational skills in a context or situation. Gojak
In solving routine problems, the problem based on past experiences. Gojak
In solving routine problems, the learner reproduces and applies a known procedure. Problem solved! Gojak
Routine problems, or traditional 'story problems' involve situations in which the learner knows how to solve the problem based on past experiences. Gojak
A problem is a discrepancy between the actual situation, now or in the near future, and the desired future situation. Dorien DeTombe
A knowledge problem is perceived when there is a discrepancy between the actual state of understanding. Dorien DeTombe