Quit Smoking Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old quit smoking quotes, quit smoking sayings, and quit smoking proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

It's better to hold a book between your fingers than to hold a cigarette. Bista Nirooj
While many people give up smoking, on their own or with medicinal products, many fail. ‘Quit or die’ is no longer the only option for those who cannot give up. The Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction
Tobacco kills eight million people each year. This includes one million deaths from second-hand exposure. Today and every day, don't let tobacco take your breath away! World Health Organization
The culture is about moving to a place where tobacco and smoking isn't part of normal life: people don't encounter it normally, they don't see it in their big supermarkets, they don't see people smoking in public places, they don't see tobacco vending machines. Andrew Lansley
I've chosen to get the word out to women, especially young women, that tobacco is not glamorous - it's addictive and smoking takes a serious toll on your health. Mena Suvari
Cigars, cigarettes, and hookah tobacco are all smoked tobacco — addictive and deadly. We need effective action to protect our kids from struggling with a lifelong addiction to nicotine. Tom Frieden
Politicians and ideologically-driven advocates should not be explicitly working to scare tobacco users from using a product that, relative to smoking, does less harm to their health, and is proven to be an effective means in helping them quit smoking altogether. NZ Vaping Alliance
I’ve had a couple of cigarettes here and there, and every time I put one in my mouth and bite it and smoke it, it tastes awful. I think to myself, why did I do this for eight years? How did I put up with this for eight years? Ryan Storey
To me, it’s not that I’m a 100 percent nonsmoker, but I cut down the tobacco that I do use. To me, that’s a plus. If it eventually leads me to being a 100 percent nonsmoker forever, great. If all it does is cut me back, that’s fine, too. Travis Barker
Either quit smoking or get a new lighter. Federal Marshal Quigley
I was gonna focus on quitting smoking. But it turns out quitting smoking is stressful. And when I'm stressed-out, I smoke. Earl