Raising Children Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old raising children quotes, raising children sayings, and raising children proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Never raise your hand to your child; it leaves your midsection unprotected. Robert Orben
The lone father is not a strong father. Fathering is a difficult and perilous journey and is done well with the help of other men. John L. Hart
When it comes to children—my own three kids or the hundreds I had in class as a teacher—I've learned that you can't really tell them what they should or shouldn't do. Walt Whitman put it best when he said that a child goes forth each day, and the first object he sees becomes a part of him, whether for a minute, an hour, or a lifetime. The only thing you can really do is expose children to these things. They'll do with them what they want. Carl Campbell
Tell your children you love them. Don't assume they know it. Say it. Jerry Dobel Jr.
It is pathetically common nowadays for parents to use their kids as an excuse for not pursuing their dreams. Shame on them. The surest way to raise a spineless child is to be a spineless parent. Mark Jenkins
Never give a kid a lecture. Instead, tell him that you're merely imparting information he can do with as he pleases. Morris Bruches
Climb a mountain with your kids, any mountain. Pause at the bottom so that they can contemplate the immensity of it. Then tell them, 'Tomorrow, we'll be at the top.' It makes an impression on them, and it's a lesson that goes far beyond just climbing mountains. Joe Drake
When a child does something wrong, your first duty is to help him see what makes it wrong. Henry Ikemoto
Nothing has a better effect on children than praise. Sir Philip Sidney
The first duty toward children is to make them happy. Charles Buxton
When we were new parents, my wife and I had four well-developed logical theories on how to raise children. Then we had four children. One by one, those theories all fell. Now, I don't even remember what they were. Theories are okay as a place to start, but they don't take into account the huge individual differences in children. During the teen years and after, we just loved them, stood by them, and maintained a constancy in our love for each other. Jerry Sands
Buying a new home is like raising children; there's always room for improvement. Arlene Zalesky
One of the things I've discovered in general about raising kids is that they really don't give a damn if you walked five miles to school. Patty Duke
Two parents can't raise a child any more than one. You need a whole community—everybody—to raise a child. Toni Morrison
If you bungle raising your children I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much. Theodore C. Sorenson
Do you really want to travel for a year after raising the children and before old age? Nancy Hopkins Reily