Real Man Sayings and Quotes

What does it mean to be a “real man”? Everyone has their own idea, whether it centers around the ability to provide and protect, to being a person of good character. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and insightful real man quotes.

A real man can drink and 'still' do his work! Fred Niblo Jr.
It takes a real man to be king. Jack Olesker
A real man swallows his vomit when a lady is present. Greg Daniels
If you were a real man, your wife would stay home nights. Lour Derman
Some day, when you're older, you'll know what makes a real man. Christopher Lloyd
Cause a real man, knows a real woman when he sees her / And a real woman knows a real man ain't afraid to please her / And a real woman knows a real man always comes first And a real man just can't deny a woman's worth. Alicia Augello-Cook
A real man / Supports his family / A real man / Love his child / A real man / Is with his wife / A real man / Takes care of his family Tom Lindth
I'm a real man, / I'm going to rock like a real man / Don't get no shock from that elevator music in your computer program / How'd you like to rock with a real man? John Hiatt
I'm a real man, I got a real guitar / I'm a real man, don't even know where the boys are / Don't want to frighten you little girl, you're so sweet and nice / Don't want to have to tell you twice John Hiatt
Strong man, got me a strong man / Real man, got me a real man / Good man, got me a good man / He's my man, glad that he's my man / So, listen while I talk about it Kelly Cherelle Price
Get yourself a real woman / So you can be a real man / It's time to stop playing with girls! / You need a woman who will understand / Get yourself a real woman / So you can be a real man Calvin Broadus
You can be a man, a real man / I'll swim that river, climb that mountain / You and me, we all gotta be, real men Todd Rundgren
Oh that girl, makes me wanna be a better man / And should she see fit, gonna treat her like a real man can Paolo Giovanni Nutini
A real man has got nothing to prove / He's strengthened by love / And the Lord up above / So do the best that you can / To be a real man Billy H Dean
He said a real man knows the value of a woman. Billy H Dean
And he is good, so good / He treats your little girl like a real man should / He is good, so good, he makes promises he keeps / No he's never gonna leave Kara E Dioguardi
Manhood--Means that you should / Get someone else, beside yourself / Feeling good / You know a real man would Harry F Chapin
I need a real man to give me what I need / Sweet attention, love and tenderness / When it's real, it's unconditional Alicia Augello-Cook
A real man gone be tender / Maybe that's the kinda man I need Ann Nesby
A real man shows his feelings / Tears they can be healing Cleo Tighe
A real man is an adult male whose body, mind, and heart has matured and embraced his position, purpose and responsibilities. William A. McLean
Being a real man is not about getting to a certain age and saying I'm here and that's it. It's more than a statement or even a definition; it is a divine appointment that makes males to be all that they were created to be. William A. McLean
Real men honor their responsibilities. Clifford Bishop ACS
Real men show they care about their families by being with them, supporting them in everuy way, listening to them, and considering loved ones as he considers himself. Clifford Bishop ACS
Wives may be queens of the realm but they are not deity. Real men love real women. Clifford Bishop ACS
A real man will value your personality, your kindness, your intelligence, and who you are as a person, in general. Garry Hall Sr.
A real man will never be intimidated by his woman's motivation. Garry Hall Sr.
A real man will give you answers. No matter how awkward or uncomfortable a situation is, a real man will approach it, and you, with respect. Garry Hall Sr.
A real man will be direct, to the point, and honest with you..but with kindness. Garry Hall Sr.
A real man will treat you with the respect that you deserve, never force you to do anything you're uncomfortable with, and never mistreat you. Garry Hall Sr.