Red Sayings and Quotes

The color red is a symbol for many things: passion, love, rage, danger, good luck. While the perception of the fiery hue varies, it’s rarely seen as demure. Embrace the powerful energy red exudes with the collection of wise and inspirational red quotes, proverbs and sayings below.

Red is the archetypal color, the first color humans mastered, fabricated, reproduced, and broke down into different shades, first in painting, later in dyeing. This has given it primacy over all other colors through millennia. Michel Pastoureau
For thousands of years in the West, red was the only color worthy of that name, the only true color as much on the chronological as hierarchical level, it out-stripped all others. Michel Pastoureau
Red's preeminence is found again in everyday life and in material civilization. Arount the mediterranean it occupied an early place in the building of houses and towns(bricks,tiles), on movable objects(various ceramics and pottery), on fabrics and clothing(red tones had prestige),as well as on finery, jewels, and personal accessories, where it served as protection, embellishment, or a source of good luck. Michel Pastoureau
According to a slightly different usage, red is the color that marks punishment, from the red link used to correct pupils' papers to the red iron used to brand former criminals and convicts. Michel Pastoureau
In marketing practices, red is used primarily to attract attention. Michel Pastoureau
Rich in meaning, red was a color of great power and prestige in Renaissance Europe. Amy Butler Greenfield
Bright red was the color of blood sacrifice, as well as a symbol of the very sin for which the sacrifice was supposed to atone. Amy Butler Greenfield
In Hebrew texts red clothing is often worn by rich men, and also by valiant soldiers. Amy Butler Greenfield