Relationship Problems Sayings and Quotes

No relationship is perfect at all times. It’s normal for every relationship to have ups and downs. Communication when times get tough is key. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and insightful quotes about relationship problems.

In life people grow apart, but before you do remember what brought you together. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
A relationship is part of life, so why run from something that's always going to be a part of your life. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
You can't give love if you have no love for yourself. What you give to yourself, will be exactly what you get from someone else. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
If a man takes you into his home, his intentions should be to marry you, if not you're the one to blame for being his roommate. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
God heals the heart while your mind reflects mental pain. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
There's no room in relationships for track stars. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
If you treat your relationship like a recession, your significant other will surely go find work someone else. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
Save the fight for those who physically or mentally hurt you, not the ones who try and truly love you. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
Relationships are like board games, if you willing to play, there's no chance of winning. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
Don't rely on relationship books, to emulate what the body feels. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
I'd rather be single and have everything, then be in a relationship and have little or nothing. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
A relationship can't survive, if you're going in two separate directions, being a unite requires we ride together. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
If you feel lonely in a relationship, it's better not to be in it. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
No one can make you happy but you, getting into a relationship to fill a lonely space, will only end. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
If you don't learn how to guard your heart against the past, you'll be a fool in the future. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
Little boys push little girls from time to time to show their dominants, real men walk away. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
After you've been burned in a relationship, it's not easy for the next person to win the lottery of trust in your heart. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
If the price of love, cost me a lifetime of pain, there's no value in it. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
Let your mind co-sign your heart's intentions. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
Being in a bad relationship is like being a slave on a plantation. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
A person who looks at a relationship part-time will never understand a full time commitment. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
Warning signs of a relationship can be predetermined by words and actions expressed, but if you don't take the time to listen, the mistakes issues or problems that occur will be your own fault, by your own omission. Mr.Semiopenminded Harris
You never realize how much you love someone until they're gone. Perry Ritthaler
The key to loving relationships is to accept one another in permanence. That means we must love each other no matter what happens to the relationship. Vironika Tugaleva
Do not let a small disagreement ruin a great relationship. Vincenzo Berghella
Remember that the best relationship is that in which mutual love is bigger that mutual necessity. Vincenzo Berghella
Consider that great love relationships and life goals are risky: if you lose, cherish the lesson anyway. Vincenzo Berghella
When you enter into a new relationship, treat that person as if a gift. Arlene De’Sha Jennings
To make a great realtionship last, trust and friendship must be your first task. Arlene De’Sha Jennings
If there is no trust in a relationship at all, it is destined to surely fall. Arlene De’Sha Jennings