Relationships Ending Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old relationships ending quotes, relationships ending sayings, and relationships ending proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

No matter your role in this breakup, whether you were dumped or you walked away, it takes serious courage and resiliency to make it through to the other side. Samantha Burns
Going through a breakup is actually very similar to grieving a death. You're grieving the loss of someone you love and learning to live life without them by your side. Samantha Burns
Although breakups can feel unbearable, we don't die from them. Rachel Sussman
Even if you initiated your split, you are going to be overcome with interminable sorrow. You are not only mourning the loss of someone significant in your life, but saying farewell to your dreams of an eternity together. Rachel Sussman
Usually right after the initial sting of the breakup, you're not going to be very hungry. You won't have an appetite and may drop a few pounds. I call it the breakup body. Lesley Robins
Keep moving. Exercise will make you feel better. It's a fact. Do not rush into being a superwoman at the gym or joining a team to run a marathon right after the breakup. Lesley Robins
You'll slowly start seeing life beyond the breakup, and eventually life won't be about the breakup at all. Lesley Robins
When things aren't going your way, like during this breakup, you must fight for your own happiness. If you keep looking on the outside for validation, especially from a man, you will lose. Lesley Robins
After your breakup, go through life slowly and stay true to what you need in each moment. Lesley Robins
You've felt the grief and sadness along with the anger associated with your breakup. Your body is literally a giant tank filled with emotions, and they need to be released. Andi Dorfman
Unlike real hurricanes, heartbreak has no eye--it offers no reprieve and it leaves no place to take shelter. We thus remain exposed, drenched, and miserable until it passes. Guy Winch
Real heartbreak is unmistakable, from the intensity of the emotional pain it causes, to the totality with which it takes over our mind and even our body. We think of nothing else. Guy Winch
One of the most unfortunate realities of heartbreak is that our 'natural' responses often do us more harm than good. Guy Winch
Letting go does not mean you're giving up, it simply means you're making a conscious choice to acknowledge that something is out of your control. James A. Murphy
Sometimes when you feel completely powerless to a situation in your life, all you can do is let go. Sometimes letting go is all it takes to create the change you want. James A. Murphy