Religious Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old religious quotes, religious sayings, and religious proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand. Eido Tai Shimano Roshi
I thank God for my handicaps, for through them, I have found myself, my work, and my God. Helen Keller
To gather with God's people in united adoration of the Father is as necessary to the Christian life as prayer. Martin Luther
Your mind cannot possibly understand God. Your heart already knows. Emmanuel
God enters by a private door into every individual. Ralph Waldo Emerson
It is only when men begin to worship that they begin to grow. Calvin Coolidge
God is a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere. Voltaire
Give yourself entirely to God, enter and hide in the hidden ground of your soul. Johannes Tauler
Everyone ought to worship God according to his own inclinations, and not to be constrained by force. Flavius Josephus
God is to be worshipped as the one beloved, dearer than everything in this and next life. Swami Vivekananda
I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs. Frederick Douglass
All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen. Ralph Waldo Emerson
I speak not of men's creeds—they rest between Man and his Maker. Lord Byron
Spiritual opening is not a withdrawal to some imagined realm or safe cave. It is not a pulling away, but a touching of all the experience of life with wisdom and with a heart of kindness, without any separation. Jack Kornfield
Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. Soren Kierkegaard
Clouds and darkness are round most men and it is the preacher's business to let the sunlight in. A congregation needs nothing so much as sun. Charles Edward Jefferson
Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. Buddha
Hate the sin, love the sinner. Mahatma Gandhi
Do not wait for the last judgment. It comes every day. Albert Camus
There can be but little liberty on earth while men worship a tyrant in heaven. Robert G. Ingersoll
What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. A.W. Tozer
You were made by God and for God and until you understand that, life will never make sense. Rick Warren
Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song. Pope John Paul II
The old faiths light their candles all about, but burly truth comes by and blows them out. Lizette W. Reese
It behooves us then to humble ourselves before the offended Power to confess our national sins and to pray for clemency and forgiveness. Abraham Lincoln
Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening. Mahatma Gandhi
A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education. Theodore Roosevelt
The world presents enough problems if you believe it to be a world of law and order; do not add to them by believing it to be a world of miracles. Louis D. Brandeis
When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. Mahatma Gandhi
I have confidence that my prayers are answered because I sought God's will before I asked. Davin Whitehurst