Secret Love Sayings and Quotes

When you’ve fallen in love, it’s hard not to shout it from the rooftops or jump up and down on a sofa Tom Cruise style. However, sometimes those feelings need to be kept under wraps. Below you’ll find a collection of wise, inspirational and humorous secret love quotes.

Our love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it. Nicholas Sparks
Secret love, all the things we do, / Secret love, baby me and you, / Got a secret love. / Stayin' under cover and out of sight, / If nobody knows, then we're doin' it right. Hunter Easton Hayes
Your secret love / Why can't we tell somebody / 'Cause secret loves / Never last as long Luther Ronzoni Vandross
Once I had a secret love / That lived within the heart of me / All too soon my secret love / Became impatient to be free Paul Francis Webster
Baby when you got a secret love / Every little touch is not enough / Every little moment we're apart is pain to me / Maybe we can find some hideaway / Everybody knows but who can say Maurice Ernest Gibb
Baby when you got a secret love / Nothin' you can do but rise above / Secretly you know I'd follow / Anywhere to make you happy Maurice Ernest Gibb
When do I cry / This breakin' heart / Just hurts me more / When we're apart / And there are two of us / With our secret love Maurice Ernest Gibb
Secret love, my escape / Take me far, far away / Secret love, are you there / Will you answer my prayer / Please take me anywhere but here / Anywhere but here Christopher Bundrick
Dreams of love / My secret is with you / I think of how our love could be / But all my friends say I'm a fool / I don't care / What people have to say / When ever I can I'll be there for you I'm sure I'll find a way Maurice Ernest Gibb
A secret love a secret love a secret life oh / The hours feel like seconds nothing more / I'm waiting here forever / To see him walking through that door Jann Arden Richards
Oh, it's a secret love affair / I think it's better if you try / Till the sun has left the sky Dieter Bohlen
A heart is like a wounded love / I will steal the stars above / It's a secret love affair Dieter Bohlen
I can't keep / This love a secret / And I don't want / To go on longing / I just want a chance for me to prove / My love and I can't keep this from you Bernie Taupin
Wish I could ride the time / To get us back when we were fine / To stay another day / In our secret world or I'll / Just fade away / I'll just fade away / I will fade away Johnny Lerec
About our secret world so I / Can get you there tonight / To lay together one last time / And I just wrote a song / About our secret love / Tonight we'll run away Johnny Lerec
He'll win my heart / It's the night of my burning dream / Secret love, secret love, oh I wanna start / I never wanna lose you baby / Oh, I'll never break apart Dieter Bohlen
You make it shine / Lifting me up higher / My secret love, my secret life / My eternal summer Elizaveta Oliferova
I'm going to make whatever it takes / Ring you up, call you down, sign your name / Secret love, make it rhyme / Take you in and make you mine Bill Berry
Just one more kiss, she'll have to miss, this night with you / Now you're guilty of this secret love, as I am too / You'll get used to telling lies, feeling sorry when she cries / Now that the strings aren't attached, you'll catch on, we've done our part / Oh, and this is the way we make a broken heart John Hiatt
Love has its secrets, joy has its revealings. / How shall I speak of that which love has hid? / If my beloved shall return to greet me, / Deeds shall be done for her none ever did. Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Love should never be a secret. If you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside, it could make you sick. Stan Lee
Love is the instrument to unfold divine secrets... Love is the reign timeless, dimensionless... Lover is as distinct as the moon shining among stars on the sky. Beloved is the sparkle in the heart of the Love. Kürsat Kizbaz
There's so little love in the world, Julie. When it's kept a secret, it's wasted. Eleanor Perry
Secret us this love, and of course we are not bitter. / This togetherness would never whither, / For we are now feeling quite sure, / Again our togetherness is a real treasure. Hubert Winston Anderson
For happy is our secret love together, / And we are sure it couldn't be any better. / Remember, to start it was very secret, / And all along we kept it discreet. Hubert Winston Anderson