Self Empowerment Sayings and Quotes

Sometimes it can be a bit hard to sail our own ship. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of self doubt. The collection of wise and insightful self empowerment quotes below will have you motivated to take charge of your life in no time.

All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within. Horace Friess
You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. James A. Froude
Character isn't something you were born with and cant change, like your fingerprints. It's something you weren't born with and must take responsibility for forming. Jim Rohn
Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Les Brown
Self-worth cannot be verified by others. You are worthy because you say that it is so. Mike Jones
When you are in public, it would just be weird for you to be encouraging yourself out loud. Therefore, talk to yourself out loud in private, and when you are in public, encourage yourself in your mind. Randall Mitchell
Have friends across the spectrum who will encourage and support you and your dreams. Randall Mitchell
Verbally encourage yourself in your mind by saying things like 'I can do it!' and 'I deserve nothing but the best!' In essence, the emphasis is not about where you do it but that you do it! Randall Mitchell
Lead yourself in your thoughts, speech, and behavior. Randall Mitchell
Though days may get tougher; not easier; the sun will not be shining always. Patrice Rivers
Through the good times and bad, you must always remember to encourage yourself. Patrice Rivers
Have confidence and have faith that you can do anything and everything. Patrice Rivers
Times may be hard, you may not always get the happy-go-lucky-right answer all the time, people may let you down from time to time, but you still got to hold your head above water and encourage yourself. Patrice Rivers
God wants you to encourage yourself each and every day and see how much you will grow! Patrice Rivers
Don't sit and blame other for what you don't have. Own and appreciate what you have, love yourself. Vandana Sehgal
Self-love lets you take a journey towards self-awareness, self acceptance, and self-discovery. Vandana Sehgal
Self-love is waiting quietly outside of fear, but like a good friend, it doesn't come over uninvited. Shannon Kaiser
Authentic self-love is founded on the phenomenon of abundance and the strength of giving to one's self while giving to others. Sepideh Irvani
As an inside progression, the process of coming to love and accepting one's self is healing. Sepideh Irvani
Authentic self-love, as a virtue, is a giving to others while giving to one's self. Sepideh Irvani
Regain your power, every word that leaves your mouth should breathe love. Carolyn Odle
It is important to observe, question, interpret, and then empower yourself to make the choices with which you can live. Harvey J. Coleman
You realize that every action has a reaction, so you consider the results of your actions both large and small. Miranda Kerr
I think before I act, knowing that the things I do have a flow-on-effect. Miranda Kerr
Whether you've committed to a new class, hobby, athletic endeavor, relationship, or job... you give it a chance if challenges arise. Miranda Kerr
You associate with people who are kind, compassionate, and joyous. You keep good company, and you reflect these qualities yourself. Miranda Kerr
I choose to be around people who uplift and support me and themselves. Miranda Kerr
You value yourself, spiritually, mentally, and physically. You are a unique individual with so many talents and gifts. You look in the mirror and exclaim, 'I am worthy!' Miranda Kerr
I am worthy of all the good in the world has to offer. Miranda Kerr