Setback Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old setback quotes, setback sayings, and setback proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Failures and setbacks are a part of this experience, and it will remain in you as wisdom. Ryuho Okawa
Setbacks are just stepping stones to great things. Teresa Collins
In all the setbacks of your life as a believer, God is plotting for your joy. John Piper
A setback only paves the way for a comeback. Evander Holyfield
Setbacks happen all the time. You can still do something about this. Cheo Hodari Coker
Every new challenge brings setbacks. The strong will learn from them and grow stronger. Shôtarô Ishinomori
Look, this is only a temporary setback, after which you'll be back on track. Michael Crichton
Don't do this... Every time you face a setback, you throw yourself a pity party. Greg Berlanti
The biggest breakthroughs almost always come after the most enormous setbacks. You just need to be patient. Steven Kane
Look, okay, it's a setback. I get it. Right, but we just reset the day and try again. Christopher Landon
It's only a setback! We can start over. It's not too late. It's only temporary. We can fix it! Sam Egan
All powerful people have setbacks. So you just... just focus on what you really want, and... You know what? Once you have a goal, nothing's gonna stop you from going out and getting it. Ali Adler
Our last encounter wasn't a defeat, it was merely a temporary setback. I will succeed this time. It is my destiny. Glen A. Larson
This is just a temporary setback, the bar will open again and I can get back to my life. Rick Berman
This is just a minor setback for me. You don't know the first thing about this place, and I already rule it. Meghan McCarthy
As you know it, has no hold on me. My defeat is but a temporary setback. I shall return to seek my revenge. Rick Berman
There are setbacks, there are tragedies, but so proud of how you're carrying all of that. Greg Berlanti
When setbacks happen, you improvise. Matt Nix
No more tears, not for this setback. There's always something. As long as we live, there's always something. And somehow we survive. Steven Bochco
I'm not saying I didn't have setbacks. It's not called "gunrunning" for nothing. You've gotta be fast on your feet. Some revolutions blow over before the guns even get there. There's nothing more expensive for an arms dealer than peace. Andrew Niccol
It's filled with pitfalls and setbacks and mistakes and... But it's a journey worth taking... Rick Berman
The bonds we form with other people can help us through any setback. Genuine friendship will survive any dispute or competition. Eric Bress
It's that setbacks will make you stronger. Ali Adler
Letdowns bad breaks living begging / Slowdowns setbacks going backwards Pearl Cutten
Saw my life slipping bunch of minor setbacks / Now it's time to get it, focus on the get back / Everything I lost yeah it's time to get back Composer Arthur Unknown
Thank you God for all my setbacks / 'Cause he the reason I'm able to give back / This feel like my Sunday morning jet pack / Feel like I sent the prayers up and got blessed back Amaire Johnson
Don't call it desperation / It's thundering the train / It's just a minor setback / It's misery and pain Scott Shilett
Yeah I see the way they look at me like I ain't big and grown / Had a couple setbacks but we back on the road / Someone had them misinformed we just had to let them know King Kofi
Blood, sweat and fear / Setbacks are making me stronger / Blood, sweat and fear / I'm alive and I will never give in Magnus Mikael Karlsson
Long winded the progress oh / Setback after setback the need to play remains / Call it what you will somehow I know you will / And by will alone we set our minds in motion Jesse Mack Johnson