Shaman Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old shaman quotes, shaman sayings, and shaman proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

I mightn't be a shaman in the indigenous sense, but as a world-bridger between Western culture and the indigenous world, I knew I was playing a shamanistic role. Language was my medicine and with it I would do my best to record my awakening and help heal with my words ... The journey isn't over yet. Rak Razam
You can't conquer the ills of technology with technology. Whatever you vanquish, you become. Some modern people even think shamanism is a spirituality that will help them escape modernity and its technology, but for native people shamanism is technology, and only to be used as a last recourse, and then only to cure and never to escape. Martín Prechtel
I taught them shamaning. Now I am going to teach you. The old shamans have died off, and there is no one to heal people. You are to become a shaman. Leo Sternberg
The shaman sits down on the ground and, after drumming for a long time, invokes his tutelary spirits... Accompanied by his helping spirits, he had followed the road that leads to the Kingdom of Shadows. Mircea Eliade
Both the medium and the ascetic are shamans because each in their particular manner of trance acts as a bridge between one world and another. Carmen Blacker
Many of the functions of the early shamans were later taken over by the Taoist priesthood. W.A.C.H. Dobson
Maori... priests were the mediums of their atua or local gods, and were in constant contact with them. As shamans they relayed messages from the gods who typically communicated by whistling. L. Binet Brown
I don't believe that shamanism without hallucinogens is authentic shamanism or comfortable shamanism. Terence McKenna
Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language. Meister Eckhart
Universal shamanism honors the soul - the soul being an expanded universal state of consciousness in which creating, Creator, and created are one and the same. don Oscar Miro-Quesada
Illness is a shamanic ritual initiation, stripping us of the comfortable and familiar, and requiring that we take a journey into the unknown to meet with a larger sense of self. Henry Reed
The true test of a religion is not what you believe, but what you do. Reiki Shamanism
Intent is what sends a Shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity. Carlos Castaneda
It is easier to flush toxins from the earth's river valleys than to remove the toxic ideas that cause them from human minds. In the order of healing, it is human consciousness that first must change. Return of the Bird Tribes Quote
An essential quality of the true shaman is that he or she is an extraordinary gifted dreamer. Robert Moss
More than saving, our world needs loving, and this is what The Path of the Universal Shaman is about. don Oscar Miro-Quesada
The shaman is a person who is able to transcend the dimensional confines of cultural existence. They know more than the people they serve. The people they serve are like children within the game of culture. Only the shaman knows that culture is a game. Everyone else takes it seriously. That's how he can do his magic. Terence McKenna
For the shaman who accepts the angry spirit into her body, the owning god is expelled, thus it can become very dangerous. Minister Na Dae-Gil (Haereul poomeun dal)
I'm a Shaman. My mind is a fortress. Naboo (The Mighty Boosh)
Don't ask why or how / The shaman will see you now / Don't ask who or when / For the shaman is back again / Shaman of Light / Shaman of the night / As he speaks in your head / Shaman of Light / Shaman give us sight / To look past when we're dead. John Sweeney
Shaman, you have the power of the thunderstorm / Heal us, let us know the way to freedom / Stop the time, open your senses / Close your eyes and clear your mind / Breathe the earth, lay on the ground / Feel how much there is around / Feel alive, dance like a fire / Free yourself and all mankind. Ervins Ramins