Single Life Sayings and Quotes

Sometimes living your best life means living the single life. There are perks to being a party of one. You are free to do whatever you want — from practicing self care, or traveling on a whim, to staying out as late as you please. Below you’ll find a curated collection of the best, wisest, and humorous single life quotes.

The single girl all alone in a great big town / The single girl gets so tired of love letting her down / The life's unreal and the people are homely / And the nights can get so lonely Martha Sharp, "Single Girl"
Sleeping single - I would die for you. I'm sleeping single - won't you change your way. Sleeping single - I will pray for you to stay. Per Gessle, "Sleeping Single"
The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely. Charlotte Bronte
If we be doomed to marry, we marry; if we be doomed to remain single we do. Thomas Hardy
Single isn't better. But it's definitely not less than either. It's equally as nourishing and joyous an existence. Catherine Gray
There's a peculiar social quirk to being single, much the same as when you don't drink. When you're single or alcohol-free, people feel like they deserve some sort of explanation. Single people are fair game for questioning, just as sober people are. It's odd. Catherine Gray

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