Struggle Sayings and Quotes

Is life really worth it if there are no challenges? Sure a straight road is easy, but it’s the curves that make life interesting. Welcome life’s hiccups and overcome them with the collection of wise and insightful struggle quotes below.

Smiling at the thought of what will happen once I reach the Top. / It's a struggle with hopes that it will eventually pay off, but sometimes the pay off isn't worth the struggle, almost like an amateur clown using knives to juggle. Lamont Bennerman
Rich labour is the struggle to be wise / While we make sure the struggle cannot cease. / Else better were it in some bower of peace George Meredith
That period when from day to day / There’s work to do and bills to pay / A struggle for a credit page / That we may visit in old age Alan Parry-Booth
Struggles to maintain sanity and spirituality will also be experienced without by and among the young, the middle aged, the elderly and the old. Struggles are inevitablein human experience. Dr. Sherman Stevens
All of these struggles have thought me to love myself even more every day. God put me through a lot of struggles until I realized it was wrong! Iris D. Rodriguez
When we are hurt, or even offended in a any way, and these struggles and pains are not dealt with, we not only remember our struggles, bitterness, anger or bad treatment, but as we remember them we also relive and not relieve. Iris D. Rodriguez
Resolve, in the face of these struggles and challenges, is essential for success and happiness and the development of you character and moral worth. Halim Ozkaptan
People have dreams and hopes, and that is what keeps them driven to endure the daily struggles of life. Haroon Monis
It is only struggle that leads you to the golden opportunity in your life. Birister Sharma
Struggle is part of your life. You can't live without struggle. Life means struggle. No life, no struggle. Only the person who is sleeping in the graveyard has no struggle. Birister Sharma
It is only struggle that makes you strong and tough in your life. It is only struggle that makes you successful in your life. Birister Sharma
Are you afraid to struggle in your life? If you are, then you'll never achieve anthing in you life. Birister Sharma
It's your sheer determination to struggle in your life that leads you to the ultimate goal in your life. Birister Sharma
It's funny how it's the little struggles that often reveal the most about what's really underneath the surface of all this 'fine' we claim to be. Nicole Unice
It doesn't matter that those difficult and confusing moments feel minor in the grand scheme of life--because those little struggles dig into a deeper place in our souls. Nicole Unice
Those little struggles lead us to wonder if we really have what it takes to make it in our lives, or if maybe we missed an important class somewhere about how to actually be a joyful and free human being. Nicole Unice
The struggles in our lives that leave us feeling stuck, restless, or confused become the trenches where we work out the important stuff of life. Nicole Unice
It's so important to maintain a historical perspective and understand our own struggles in relation to others, and to understand what realities shape our uneasy proximities Vijay Iyer
Every sidewalk, no matter how smooth it appears, is bound to have holes--in other words every person's life has struggles. These struggles are part of day-to-day living, part of the human condition. Marilyn Kielbasa
To demonstrate a model of managing life's struggles by looking at one's strengths, opportunities, sources of assistance, and roadblocks. Marilyn Kielbasa