Summer Fun Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old summer fun quotes, summer fun sayings, and summer fun proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

I can't wait til summer (yeah) / 'Cause it's gonna be a summer of love / Hey now (well it's a love thing) Edward Mike Love
Here comes summer / School is out, oh happy days / Here comes summer / Gonna grab my girl and run away / If she's willing / We'll go steady right away / Now let the sun shine bright on my happy summer home Jerry Paul Keller
Summer summer summertime / Time to sit back and unwind / Here it is the groove slightly transformed / Just a bit of a break from the norm Craig Simpkins
There's an air of love and of happiness / And this is the Fresh Prince's new definition of summer madness Craig Simpkins
Summer time it's like this see / Jigging around with the sun top down / The radio blaring at the best summer sound / In the palm of my hands got the sun / And the sea and the summer vibrations Anika Bostelaar
I feel the summer air now / Blowing though my hair now / I think I'm on top / On top of the world now Ryan Potter
And that summer, summer, summer / We went driving in your car / And that summer, summer, summer / We were down for living fast / And that summer, summer, summer / We would always go too far / And that summer, summer, summer / We went driving in your car Ryan Potter
When summer time has come, and all / The world is in the magic thrall / Of perfumed airs that lull each sense / To fits of drowsy indolence; / When skies are deepest blue above, / And flow'rs aflush,--then most I love Paul Laurence Dunbar
Above the rocks of grief and tears! / 'Tis wealth enough of joy for me / In summer time to simply be. Paul Laurence Dunbar
Let summer day be changed from day, / Like following surges of the ebb and flow; / And flow brings breath of saltiness and blithe spray, / And ebb long music of seas plashing low. Augusta Davies Webster
Our one wish is that the summer never ends! / In the summer, I will get a golden tan. Paul Dini
More important than a summer of fun? More important than making new friends? More important than sharing? Charles Addams
Oh, I loved summer camp. Everyone used to call me Kid Counselor. Greg Berlanti
Our one wish is that the summer never ends! In the summer, I will get a golden tan. Paul Dini
Summertime, and the living is easy. William Faulkner
When summertime ends and the weather turns cool, most little bears are ready for school. Jan Berenstain
If it's the 1900's and you're going to the movies in the summertime, it's hot in that theater. So somebody got this brilliant idea to start showing movies outdoors. Don Sanders
Summer is, after all, about having fun in a less restrictive setting than school Lisa Jo Rudy
Summer is special. It can't come soon enough and it always ends to quickly Neill Seltzer
Summer is everything that school is not. Neill Seltzer
The learning that takes place in summer is of a different sort than the kind you find in school. Neill Seltzer
Summer is about lack of structure. It's about filling your time the way you choose. Neill Seltzer
When we're younger, summer often means day camp, sleepover camp, or long days at the pool. Neill Seltzer
Most kids will spend their summer playing games like tag or soccer. but not poor me-I'll spend my summer trapped inside my locker. Robert Pottle
Summer silence can be filled with blessings from all our sense. We can breathe in a myriad of fragrances carried on summer breezes and breathe away the stress of living in the past lane of modern life. Yvonne Martinez Ward
Summer is a time when my creativity soars into high gear. Yvonne Martinez Ward
Summer is a time for me to begin to store remnants of nature's gifts to last through the long winter days. Yvonne Martinez Ward
Though summer silence is not often still or quite, we can breathe in the summer silence and store memories of summer's gifts for those long winter days ahead when the sun doesn't shine brightly. Yvonne Martinez Ward
Summer is here! It's funny how even a little sunshine has a way of making people beam. Edward Paul Ortleb
Summer conditions of warmer temperatures, long daylight hours and pools of water. Edward Paul Ortleb