Sunday Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old sunday quotes, sunday sayings, and sunday proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Down the road, someone is practicing scales, / The notes like little fishes vanish with a wink of tails, / Man's heart expands to tinker with his car / For this is Sunday morning, Fate's great bazaar. Louis MacNiece
They have three Sundays a week in Tangier. The Muhammadans' comes on Friday, the Jews on Saturday, and that of the Christian Consuls on Sunday. Mark Twain
Eternity resembles / One long Sunday afternoon. Donald Justice
O day most calm, most bright, / The fruit of this, the next world's bud. / Th' endorsement of supreme delight, / Writ by a friend, and with his blood, / The couch of time; cares balm and bay; The week was dark, but for thy light. George Herbert
Sunday should be different from another day. People may walk, but not throw stones at birds. There may be relaxation, but there should be no levity. Samuel Johnson
But Sunday was a gala day / When, in their best attire, / They'd listen, with rejoicing hearts, / To sermons on Hell Fire / Demons I've met, Grims Satan's prey, / And other topics just as gay. Stephen Vincent Benet
The laziest of all days— / To get up any time— or sleep—/ Or just lay around and watch the haze / A dancin' cross the wheat and keep / My pipe a-govern leisurely. James Whitcomb Riley
Cease from unnecessary labors, / Saunter into the green world stretching far, / Light a long cigar, / Come, enjoy your Sunday / While yet you may. Robert Graves
And O! She was the Sunday in every week. Austin Clarke
What's the big deal about going to some building every Sunday? I mean, isn't God everywhere? Homer Simpson
Most of us spend the first six days of each week sowing wild oats, then we go to church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure. Fred Allen
I'm not a bad guy! I work hard, and I love my kids. So why should I spend half my Sunday hearing about how I'm going to hell? Homer Simpson
Sunday is the day of alienation / She is so lonely and depressed / Time doesn't pass by looking at the clock / She prays to God 'Please don't make / Sunday a barrier between any lovers. Parul Begum
Here it is already Sunday / And we renew our covenants with thee / Taking on the name of Jesus Christ / So we can once again with thee be. Katherine Rodgers
No doubt tomorrow I will hide / My face from you, my King. / Let me rejoice this Sunday noon, / And kneel while gray priests sing. Vachel Lindsay
Although I understand that all days are equal with 24 hours each, most of us agree that Friday is the longest day of the week and Sunday the shortest! D.S. Mixell
… millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Susan Ertz
Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. Bill Waterson
After a week of the contained chaos that is my job, I need some solitary running time. On Sundays, I can unwind and reconnect with the natural world. Linda Jones
Sunday was always the best of days for being the self you had intended to be, but was not, for one reason or another. Jesse Ball
There is always something new to learn and feel each Sunday. Bishop Gerald Causse
There are many persons who look on Sunday as a sponge to wipe out the sins of the week. Henry Ward Beecher
Each spice has a special day to it. For turmeric, it is Sunday, when light drips fat and butter-colored into the bins to be soaked up glowing when you pray to the nine planets for love and luck. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Sunday. The day I planned a lot but actually do nothing. Lovely Goyal
Sundays are like confetti floating in the air in slow motion, in the evening they reach the ground and you hope a bit of wind could blow on them so they could fly a bit longer. Alain Bremond-Torrent
Sunday -- that airless graveyard that the brutalized week finally stumbles into and collapses. Chandler Brossard
Every day was a Sunday during the COVID-19 pandemic. Steven Magee
Everyday is Sunday when you are disabled. Steven Magee
Time flows in a strange way on Sundays. Haruki Murakami
How necessary Sundays have become. I reach for them like sleeping lovers on the other side of my earth or my mattress. Darnell Lamont Walker