Sunsets Sayings and Quotes

Sunsets are a gorgeous sight. Their burst of orange, pink, and purple hues across the sky retire the fleeting day to a dream-like state. If sundown is the highlight of your day, check out our collection of wise and inspirational sunset quotes, sayings, and proverbs below.

A beautiful sunset, beautiful scenery, beautiful music or poetry does not prove the existence of God but can serve as pointers to prayer or worship of God. Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Taking the time to delight in the exquisiteness of the sunset everyday can bring anyone closer to nature. Nidia Michelle Dacosta
Different parts of the world will provide different sunsets. The most beautiful sunsets are said to be in the tropical and desert areas on the planet earth. Nidia Michelle Dacosta
We only have to demonstrate our full potential as our amazing star the 'Sun' showed us each day with the sunset that even in the moment before setting, it manifested gloriously. Nidia Michelle Dacosta
Surrender to the beauty of nature today by standing in awe before the rising sun or paying homage to a sunset. Remember, nature's way is the way of perfection. Alexandra Katehakis
Sunset reminds me of our family motto: Live for today, plan for tomorrow, no regrets. Marty Becker
Like the kindling of the sunset / Above earth's gloom and sin, / Every shadow gloweth golden / As the splendor floweth in. Mary Clemmer
A spectacular sunset or a fascinating coastline seems to hypnotize people for a long time, so people can feel the beauty of nature. Hannes Leopoldseder
What makes a sunset beautiful, then? It is not beautiful because the scene contains beautiful objects but because all the elements relate to and reflect on one another. Hannes Leopoldseder
Sunrise and sunset are nature's two wonderful sights that bring peace and tranquility to the agitated mind. Dr. V V Rampal
A sunset like this is awesome, like a typhoon. It has power. It can't be controlled. It can capture you. Stuart Landersman
Sunrise and sunset are Nature's play, the function of Atum. They are eternal. V. Vycinas
Next time you see sunset, stop and sit down for a while. Stay very still and watch the sky change. Emily Rachel Morgan
Sunsets are some of the most beautiful sights in nature. You might hear people say, 'The Sun is going down' but that's not what is actually happening. Emily Rachel Morgan
Watch the sun disappear on your horizon at sunset; it doesn't matter what horizon looks like, it's that point where the earth meets the sky in your view as you face west. Carolyna Saint Germain
Sunsets are quite old fashioned. To admire them is a distinct sign of provincialism of temperament. Upon the other hand, they go on. Oscar Wilde
At sunset, visible light from the sun traverse a long distance through the atmosphere, and all the blue and green and some red wavelengths are scattered. Only some red light transmits, and the sun appears red at sunset. Mark Z. Jacobson
I could sense that after just a few sunset observations, either in person or through my sunset photographs, my stress level was starting to gradually diminish, and my diet began to improve. I started sleeping better, and was more encouraged to get up in the morning and accomplish something. Michael B. Hamilton
Sunset conventionally refers to the time when the upper edge of the sun is on the horizon; considered unobstructed relative to the location of interest. Michael B. Hamilton