Support Sayings and Quotes

Although it's tough to ask for it, everyone needs assistance occasionally. Life gets rough and even the strong need support to help ease the burden. Something as simple as offering a kind word can do wonders for someone down on their luck. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and inspirational quotes on support when you need it most.

In our transient society today it is typical to be living far away from family and friendships may become our primary support system. Ann Palmer
Having a support system that includes extended family members and friends can make a difference in how successul families are in coping. Ann Palmer
Emotional support provides people with a sense of love,reassurance, and belonging. David Haber
Emotional support has a strong and consistent relationsship with health status.Clearly, emotional support is the foundation of social support in general. David Haber
Support group members may also empower each other by validating their feelings in a sympathetic environment and by developing new behaviors, attitudes,and identities. David Haber
Religious services give meaning and hope as the community gathers around us in love and support. Martha Whitmore Hickman
There is a fine balance called for between our need to honor the sanctity of our own inner space and our need for others to be present -- for love, for company, for understanding support. Martha Whitmore Hickman
But if we are wise and fortunate and have the courage and support to tread the hallowed ground again and again, the loss will begin to lose its controlling power. Martha Whitmore Hickman
Sometimes in my darkness I can believe I am held in a love which supports all creation. Not always, but sometimes. Martha Whitmore Hickman
As I have learned to trust the turning of the seasons, may I trust the life supports me in my journey through grief. Martha Whitmore Hickman
Mother Earth, you're my life support system. As a soldier I must drink your blue water, live inside your red clay and eat your green skin. Help me to balance myself. As you hold in balance, the Earth, the sea, and the space environments. Help me to open my heart, knowing ... Jon Ronson