Survival Sayings and Quotes

Sometimes you don’t know what you are made of until faced with a dire situation to overcome. Celebrate your resilience with the collection of wise and insightful survival quotes below.

in this day and age even with all the technology to warn us of disaster it is important to always be ready if it strikes with or without notice. Shannon Rizzotto
In any disaster situation having a full tank of gas or access to gas is a dire emergency and can mean the difference between life and death in some cases. Shannon Rizzotto
Being able to travel to get help, food, water, and even medical treatment will enable you to be one step up on any disaster. Shannon Rizzotto
Regardless what the disaster situation brings you are going to need water. Water is essential in survival. Shannon Rizzotto
The human body requires water to survive the amount however, depends on the body type and size of the person. Shannon Rizzotto
Everyone is going to be stressed after a collapse. As long as you're' willing to take at least part of your payments in alternative currencies, you might be able to make a good living thinking out the box. Sean Brodrick
The ability to adapt to change will make your life easier, no matter what lies ahead. Sean Brodrick
There are qualities that will make you more successful at changing, and they're qualities for which you might want to strive because if you're not in the right mental and emotional space, then preparing for potentially catastrophic change will be that much harder. Sean Brodrick
The times we are living in now are the richest, fattest days in human history. Life will probably never get easier. This is when you need to start preparing right now for the hard times coming. Sean Brodrick
Stockpiling, self-sufficiency, and frugality, which I prefer to call Spartaneity, are three tools that will help you survive and thrive. Sean Brodrick
Survival is the continuation of life or existence in the presence of or despite unusually difficult conditions. Rainer Stahlberg
In order to survive after the fall of civilized society you will have to roam about in order to locate whatever your specific necessities of life may be, and at some point you may be forced to raid in order to actually obtain them. By definition, now, that makes you a Marauder. Kilkenny
In order to survive the fall of civilization, it will do you no good to be a hoarder, or a Prepper. Kilkenny
Prepping is not the answer. Sure, you need to have some supplies on hand to get going, but the only real way to keep living, and thriving, is by looking for what you need and then taking it. Kilkenny
There's only one way to survive. Go out and do it first. Kilkenny
If you live on a farm, or way out in the country and are supplied by water from your own well, congratulations. You survive the first few weeks. Kilkenny
An important benefit to learning survival skills is it increases your self-confidence. Jim Cobb
Having the ability to not just think but know you have what it takes to survive can make the difference between a news story featuring your survival over incredible odds vs becoming just another tragic statistic. Jim Cobb
What does it mean to improvise in a survival scenario? Simply put, it is using what you have to get what you need. Jim Cobb
No matter how hard you prep, how much money you spend, and how many hours you invest, the disaster always calls the shots. Jim Cobb
With a little resourcefulness and an 'outside of the survival box' mentality, you can oftentimes use what you do have to get what you need. Jim Cobb
Disease outbreaks, global wars, environmental catastrophes, nuclear disasters, and colonization are all apocalyptic events that humanity has survived. Bradley Garrett
Looking to past events should give us hope, because human beings can and do survive events like those that are unfolding. Bradley Garrett
Catastrophe is the natural human environment, and even though we spend a good deal of energy trying to get away from it, we are programmed for survival amid catastrophe. Bradley Garrett
Animal life is an important and substantial source of food for survival. Larry Dean Olsen
A person thrown into a primitive survival situation would quickly find his existence greatly impaired without the aid of so simple a tool as a pocketknife. Larry Dean Olsen
It would seem that one could never survive without a knife to cut poles for building shelters, to cut shafts for a spear or bow. Larry Dean Olsen
It is asserted from time that true survival is measured by a person's capacity to stay put and prepared. Larry Dean Olsen
In survival terms we might say that comfort only gets in the way. Larry Dean Olsen
Probably the most important decision you'll make in your preparations for a crisis is the location of your retreat. James Wesley