Swearing Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old swearing quotes, swearing sayings, and swearing proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Cursing is invoking the assistance of a spirit to help you inflict suffering. Swearing on the other hand, is invoking, only the witness of a spirit to an statement you wish to make. John Ruskin
There is no such thing as too much swearing. Swearing is just a piece of linguistic mechanics. The words in-between are the clever ones. Peter Capaldi
Swearing was invented as a compromise between running away and fighting. Peter Finley Dunne
Let us consider that swearing is a sin of all others peculiarly clamorous, and provocative of Divine judgment. Isaac Barrow
You can slap me in the face / And you can scream profanity / Leave me here to die alone, but / I'll still follow you home Ryan Peake
You're stealing my insanity / Feeding the humanity, humanity / You're such a profanity / Losing all my vanity, oh vanity Dennis Kercher
Maybe my words are just too real / It's not profanity, it's just the man and me / He doesn't want you to see what I see / Doesn't want you to be what you can be / Word, censorship of reality Afrika Islam
Because sweet, harmless insanity / Has planned for me to join the ranks / And I believe this pointless profanity / Of swimming back and forth between the banks / Of right and wrong / Will soon be gone Rob Getzschman
Don't even try to tell us / What we can and cannot say / Profanity's a tool that / You cannot take away / Is freedom of expression Mike Burkett
Too proud to bow down, spreading your profanity / 'Holier than thou', disgust your mentality Incarnate
Another fight, a constant blight / No understanding of wrong or right / Insanity, profanity / Just a menace to society Matt Ault
But scared to use profanity when upon the microphone / Yeah, they want reality, but you will hear none / They'd rather exaggerate a little fiction / Some say no to drugs, and take a stand Charles W. Wright
Sickness to insanity / Prayer to profanity / Days and weeks and months go by / Don't feel the hunger, too weak to cry Alex Lifeson
I get static from the style of my technique / Profanity, the blatant way in which I speak / But the Dude knows the streets ain't no kiddie game Tracy Lauren Marrow
Madness, insanity, live in profanity / Then some punk claiming they're understanding me / Give me a break, what world do you live in Richard Jones
And prefers that I not use profanity / Your mouth was so dirty / Life of the party / And she swears that she's artsy John Clayton Mayer
Is there any way to break through the noise? / Was it something that I said that got you bent / Gotta be that way if you want it / Sanity, literal profanity, hit me! Chis Fehn
I do not swear because I am / A sweet and sober guy; / I cannot vent a single damn / However hard I try. Robert William Service
An no, I never, never swear; / Profanity don't pay; / To cuss won't get you anywhere Robert William Service
A Poet of Profanity! / For I've been known with vulgar slang / To stoke the Sacred Fire, / And even used a word like 'hang', / Suggesting ire. Robert William Service
A failing for profanity / So to delight the dears I try, / And often in the past / In fabricating sonnets I / Have fulminated: 'Blast!' Robert William Service
The social history of swearing and foul language is fascinating. But much of the data has been buried, hidden, or deliberately ignored as 'unworthy or preservation. Geoffrey Hughes
Swearing is a perennial source of fascination for those interested in language and society, continuously provoking controversy and raising topical issues. Geoffrey Hughes
Swearing, because it is so little understood, is still an equivocal form of conduct without social sanction. That is to say swearing is socially tolerated in any form. Ashley Montagu
The many sophisticated forms of swearing we shall consider attest to the fact that since man first learned to speak imagination and inventiveness have been outstanding characteristics of his speech. Ashley Montagu
Swearing draws upon such powerful and incongruous resonators as religion, sex, madness, excretion, and nationality, encompassing an extraordinary variety of attitudes including violent, the amusing, the shocking, the absurd, the casual and the impossible. Geoffrey Hughes
Swearing has also helped developed the field of neuroscience. By providing us with a useful emotional barometer, swearing has been used as a research tool for over 150 years. Emma Byrne
Swearing has taught us a great deal about our minds, too. Emma Byrne
Profanity has even become part of the way we express positive feelings. Emma Byrne
Although swearing might seem frivolous, it teaches us a lot about our brains, our minds, and even our societies work. Emma Byrne