Teammates Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old teammates quotes, teammates sayings, and teammates proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Teammate is known as someone who works hard and is there to help others. This is the game is meant to be. Frank L. Gardner
Great managers and good teammates know that player has strengths and every player has weakness. Dave Burchett
Show good sportsmanship by respecting the other team when you play sports. Frank Murphy
If you don't use good sportmanship, your coach may have you sit out games. Frank Murphy
People will enjoy your company when you show sportsmanship. Frank Murphy
You can be a good sport in all parts of your life. Be patient with someone who is just learning how to play. Lucia Raatma
You can be a good sport at school, too. Remember to thank the people who helped you if you win a game or an award. Lucia Raatma
Appreciating teammates, respecting opponents, and enjoying the competitiveness of sports in general can help build a healthy attitude abut sports. The most successful athletes ultimately find themselves choosing one. Tom Robinson
There is a points, however, when enthusiasm begins to resemble taunting. When players cross the line from celebrating with their teammates to flaunting their accomplishments to a losing, opponent, sportsmanship suffers. Tom Robinson
All of these things add up to being a good teammate, and if you have a bunch of good teammates, you're going to have a good team. Chrissy Carew
You should always show good sportsmanship when playing a sport or game. Frank Murphy
Gamesmanship appears in many different forms throughout sport and the sport culture. Angela Lumpkin
The word sportsmanship is often misunderstood. Sportsmanship also is written into playing rules today under the rubric or unsportsmanlike conduct. Angela Lumpkin
Good sportsmanship results when team members act properly. Mary Mueller
Personally integrity leads to good sportsmanship. Mary Mueller
Self-control when facing trouble also shows good sportsmanship. Mary Mueller
Respect for others builds good sportsmanship, too. Mary Mueller
Teammate means working together for the same common theme. A Teammate is someone cooperative no matter what the scheme. Robert D. Womack
A Teammate is considerate and is never ever mean. Robert D. Womack
But to have a Teammate it is most true one must be a Teammate too. Robert D. Womack
Well done is greater than well said. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Do the work to make you and your team better. Dr. Michael Samuel Figgers
It's great rto be good at your craft, and equally as important to work toward excellence. But what's most important is to be someone who respects and cares for others. Positive energy is contagious and as a teammate, you should share as much as you possibly can. Dr. Michael Samuel Figgers
Do it for the team. 'There us no I in the word Team.' Always give your best for the good of the team and not to receive individual praise. Know that the attributions which are due you, will always come one way or the other. Dr. Michael Samuel Figgers
The greatest gift that you can offer your teammates is respect. Treat everyone with respect, but also expect the same from others. Dr. Michael Samuel Figgers
Effective team players commit themselves to understand the vision and purpose of the team. Dr. Michael Samuel Figgers
You cannot have a successful team if you have players who, when somebody makes a mistake, point fingers at their teammate. Tony Dicicco
A great team realizes how important every person is to the success of the organization. Dave Burchett
Another enemy of teamwork is individualism. As a team, the whole has to be greater than the sum of every individual part. Fellowship of Christian Athletes
A good teammate puts others before him. No one person thinks they're bigger than they really are. Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Being a good teammate is being able to forgive your fellow mates. Fellowship of Christian Athletes