Tennessee Sayings and Quotes

There’s a lot to love about Tennessee. From the Smoky Mountains to barbecue, this landlocked state is far from boring. Not only is it the birthplace of country music, it is home to several attractions including Graceland, The Grand Ole Opry, Dollywood, and some 9,000 caves for nature lovers to explore. Below you’ll find a collection of insightful and humorous quotes about Tennessee from residents who know it best.

Hill lads at dawn shall hearken the wild goose Go honking northward over Tennessee. William Vaughn Moody
We went by oxen to Tennessee, Thence after years to Illinois. Edgar Lee Masters
I'll ne'er forget the day, When I was young and gay, A rolling 'round the floor in Tennessee; From th' cotton field so white, James Ephraim McGirt
And beer rolled down the Tennessee and California Wine Was used as Blood for Hollywood. Stephen Leacock
But down in Tennessee one night Ther' wuz sound uv firin' fur away, 'Nd the sergeant allowed ther' 'd be a fight With the Johnnie Rebs some time nex' day Eugene Field
So I'll go back to Tennessee, And they will ask: "How have you spent your Brief holiday in gay Paree?" Robert William Service
I hear quick rifle-cracks from the riflemen of East Tennessee and Kentucky, hunting on hills. Walt Whitman
I praised my moonlit Tennessee, And thought my poor befriended man Would never dare to disagree. John Crowe Ransom
I left Tennessee very much alive I never would have got Through the Arkansas mud If I hadn't been a-ridin' on the Tennessee Stud Don Gibson
No, Tennessee's not the state I'm in Satisfied is not the way I've been I can feel my world turning As I watch the bottle spin Still, Tennessee's not the state I'm in Joe Ely
Oh, I went down to Tennessee Yes, I went down to Tennessee What did I see in Tennessee? Billy Eckstine