The Moon Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old the moon quotes, the moon sayings, and the moon proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Lights go off / We can make love on a full moon / Everything’s fine on a full moon / Lights go off on a full moon Hiroomi Tosaka
The moon revolves around the Earth and rotates on its axis / Reflected light comes from the sun because it doesn't have this / A small, gray, rocky satellite affecting the tides / It's just a quarter of the Earth in its little size King Virtue's Classroom
skyscraper moon, and high! for the stare of people / skysign and belltower moon, moon for the steeple Conrad Potter Aiken
Roses and lilies, romance and love, / Still moon, chill moon, swinging above? / Slender your feet as a white birds throat, / High moon, shy moon, drifting your boat Zora Bernice May Cross
The moon is but a candle-glow / That flickers thro' the gloom / The starry space, a castle hall Vachel Lindsay
I have a compact to commune / A monthly midnight with the Moon; / Into its face I stare and stare, / And find sweet understanding there. Robert William Service
In all of spangled space, but I / To stare moon-struck into the sky; / Of billion beings I alone / To praise the Moon as still as stone. Robert William Service
O I will watch the maiden Moon / Dance on the sea with silver shoon; / But with the Queen Moon I will keep / My tryst when all the world's asleep. Robert William Service
Beautiful Moon, with thy silvery light, / Thou seemest most charming to my sight; / As I gaze upon thee in the sky so high, / A tear of joy does moisten mine eye. William Topaz McGonagall
Those stars, that moon, for me they shine / With lovely, but no startling light; / My joy is much, but not as thine, / A joy that fills the pulse, like fright. Coventry Patmore
I'll love those moonlight looks alone / That bless my home and guide my way. Thomas Moore
While gazing on the moon's light, / A moment from her smile I turn'd, / To look at orbs that, more bright, / In lone and distant glory burn'd. Thomas Moore
The moon, by contrast is almost perfectly dry, has no currently active volcanism, no atmosphere, and no life. Linda T. Elkins-Tanton
The Earth and Moon are the closest planet and moon in size except for Pluto and Charon. Linda T. Elkins-Tanton
The Moon is almost as obvious as the Sun. Clouds permitting, we can see it in the evening sky nearly half the time. David A. Rothery
Humans have been well aware of the Moon for as far back as records go, but surely before the Moon must often have been a welcome source of illumination at night. David A. Rothery
The moon is Earth's satellite. A satellite circles another object. The planets are satellites of the Sun. Ralph Winrich
The Moon has no atmosphere. Without an atmosphere, the Moon has no weather and no clouds. Ralph Winrich
The proper phase of the Moon is essential for spell craft. The waning moon is the time to wind down any personal challenges and see them to an end. Cerridwen Greenleaf
The new moon is an auspicious time for a fresh start. Cerridwen Greenleaf
The Moon lies between the sun and the earth so the illuminated side cannot be seen.. Cerridwen Greenleaf
When the Moon passed into the Earth's shadow, this is a lunar eclipse. These are rare occasions that make for a truly enchanted evening. Cerridwen Greenleaf
When the Moon is waning, this is your opportunity to release anything that no longer serves in your life. We all need to embrace the winds of change in life, clearing away the old and making room for the new. Cerridwen Greenleaf
Not surprisingly the Moon plays a role in the mythology of ancient people. From the earliest civilizations in the near east onwards, all seem to have had lunar deities. Mike Fuller
Yesterday-- I was the Moon / Today--just an eclipse / something in me travels; some days it's to the dark / some days it's to the light Noor Unnahar
The Moon represents women in traditional astrology. Donna Cunningham
The Moon is connected with the sign Cancer, so all people born under the sign Cancer, or with other planets in that sign, are lunar. Donna Cunningham
We are all lunar types to some degree because the Moon is a major force in everyone's horoscope. Donna Cunningham
The Moon symbolizes our emotional side, dependency and security, our need for home and roots, and our ties to our mothers. Donna Cunningham
Throughout history, the Moon and its ever-changing shape have been a source of mystery to religious leaders, poets, and the rest of us. Donna Cunningham