Twins Sayings and Quotes

Who doesn’t like a 2 for 1 deal? Not only do twins come with the joy of a new baby times two, they’ll also be instant playmates bonded for life. Celebrate the delight of multiples with the insightful and humorous twins quotes below.

As long as you are in your right mind, don't you ever pray for twins. Twins amount to a permanent riot. And there ain't any real difference between triplets and an insurrection. Mark Twain
A noble pair of brothers, twins, in truth. Horatius
The star that presides over the natal hour produces twins with widely-differing dispositions. Persius
Twins are something that everyone wants to have until the realization sets in that two newborn babies at one time are about to happen. Chris Illuminati
Parents of twins, triplets, and anything higher than three kids at once are amazing people who have been blessed not just with multiple children but a massive chunk of patience. Chris Illuminati
A sense of individual identity is one of the greatest gifts that parents can give a child. If that gift is not given, children will have to fight for their identities instead. When twins have to fight each other for it, they could, indeed, grow up to be 'identical strangers.' Fred Rogers
We grew up speaking a kind of private language ⁠— almost a silent language ⁠— of signs and gestures. We closed everyone out. No one could reach us. We were like a child and a mirror that spoke to itself. John Ottokar
And then there are twin brothers which doesn't sound all that fun to me unless you're the type that like matchy outfits and I think that joke of pretending you're the other one gets old pretty quick. Scott Badler
If you're a twin, I recommend plastic surgery because everybody needs their own identity. I predict the plastic surgery industry will soon be saying, 'Tired of being twins? It's not your fault if you're split from the same egg. Be your own man. God doesn't have a twin, and neither should you.' Scott Badler
Competition for twin brothers seems confusing. You're beating up this person who looks exactly like you. Where's the pleasure in that? It's like beating yourself up. I'd feel guilty. For both of us. If I was a twin I'd say, 'I'll put myself in a headlock and you twist your arm behind your back. We'll both give up at the same time okay? No winners, no losers.' Scott Badler
An ill-natured woman will not give birth to twins; only good-natured people give birth to twins. (Only good people are fortunate enough to have twins.) Yoruba Proverb
They're twins? Really? They look so . . . different.' Okay, this one I get all the time because my twins are very different in height and weight so, fine, maybe I'm being oversensitive here, but how do you expect a person to respond? 'Oh, shit. You know what? I may have walked out of the hospital with an extra baby! Not again!' If you don't want a sarcastic response, just take our word for it and don't mention it. Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
If you've got twins, you're on the frontline. You know those mornings when you're grumpy because your baby was up half the night? Well, twin dads were up half the night with one kid and then the other half with the other. Nick Harper
Two lovely berries moulded on one stem; / So, with two seeming bodies, but one heart. William Shakespeare
For one of us was born a twin and not a soul knew which. H.S. Leigh
All the weird, crazy things people say, like twins can read each other minds, they can feel each other's feelings, it's all true. We can have complete conversations with our eyes. Brie Bella
Twins work really well in the industry because child labor laws dictate a baby, as an example, can only work for, like, an hour a day. Cole Sprouse
Everyone loves twins. Cole Sprouse
I suppose that, for most of us, the fascination of conjoined twins is that such people can serve as symbols. Darin Strauss
Twins are a high-risk pregnancy, by definition. The quieter I am, the longer I can keep them growing. Jane Pauley
Are identical twins defined by the other or defined by the desire not to be defined by the other? Khang Kijarro Nguyen
We're twins, and so we love each other more than other people. Louisa May Alcott
Twins are so practical. It’s always nice to have a spare. Billie Burke
It is not economical to go to bed early to save the candles if the result is twins. Chinese Proverb
I guess because twins have this mystique, and triplets⁠ — I think the normal sibling connection potentially can be very powerful, and there’s this idea that it’s even more powerful. It really is, not just someone like me, but another version of me. Curtis Sittenfield
A man says to his mate: 'My wife is a twin.' His mate says, 'How do you tell them apart?' The man says: 'Her brother has a beard.' Frank Carson
True twins share womb chemistry and endure many fateful slings and arrows together. The fabled connection between twins is true in my case. Gregory Benford
You know, identical twins are never really identical. There is always one that is prettier, and the other one does all the work. Hedra Carlson
When twins are separated, their spirits steal away to find the other. Jandy Nelson
I believe the only people who truly experience and test the application of equality are twins. Janis Joplin