Unexpected Love Sayings and Quotes

While it can be frustrating when things don’t go as planned, the best things in life, like falling in love, often happens when we least expect it. However, that’s part of the fun. Check out the collection of wise and insightful unexpected love quotes.

Love comes from the most unexpected places In someone's eyes you've never met Who wants to get to know you In someone's smile you can't forget Barbara Streisand
Love comes from the most unexpected places A love song on the radio You never hear enough of In bars that thrive on loneliness Where people sell their sorrow for your time Kim carnes
I have never felt like this For once I'm lost for words Your smile has really thrown me. This is not like me at all I never thought I'd know The kind of love you've shown me. Hayley Westenra
Unexpected turn That was an unexpected turn I should've seen it coming But I am not done No I'm not I should've seen it coming But I am not done No I'm not Riles
I know it's early, I know it's soon But truth be told, I think I love u It's unexpected, out of the blue But I gotta let you know That I think I love u Dwele
An unexpected gift, at an unexpected time, that keeps the lawyers away. And it's easy to take forever for granted, with tin cans tied to your car. And I know she tells you that she'll always be there, but I'm telling you if you're smart, ""You'll love her like she's leaving, Like all it's gonna end, if you don't. Brad Paisley
What's a little love behind friends Some unexpected feelings What's a little love A little change of heart Let's keep on touching this way Marie Osmond
But an unexpected way On this unexpected day On this unexpected day It is you I have loved all along Dana Glover
But today I fell in love with someone I hardly know Did I make myself imagine that he could love me so ? 'Cause the feeling was so unexpected I could hardly keep myself collected Diana Ross
It looks like love It feels like love And I confess it's got me rocking on my heels like love How else can I account for that unexpected glow That turns the night to day each time we say hello Dean Martin
Light up the way of Your heart Move me like You do the mountains Move me like You do the wind And I'll chase Your voice through the dark Fix my eyes on the unexpected In the wonder of Your shadow step So take another step Hillsong United
Love the way we get down, totally unexpected Love it when we hang out, think of you every second Got me spinning like them 24s, ride low, go slow Keshia Chante
Unexpected, undetected You got my eyes wide open Hiding from those prying eyes You got my eyes wide open Below the radar, in plain sight Love's my thing, so good it's bad The B-52's
I've been walking I've been walking in the rain When the angel of my intuition whispered hello Well I was quite surprised to face that kind of incarnation Love comes always unexpected, love strikes blind and undirected Alphaville
Well, I was quite surprised To face that kind of incarnation Love is always unexpected Love strikes blind and undirected Alphaville
Love comes always unexpected, love strikes blind and undirected Love is the answer Love is all we need my friend Now you came and changed the weather Now I wanna live forever Alphaville
Love is so unexpected Can't just go out and get it Love is so unexpected Just like a happy accident Just like a happy accident Jason Reeves
Or could it be, things go the way that they should From the, unexpected, love could be understood And in the real game, only love can win I got to win, cause I fell in love with her friend Common
How we dance our sense of rhythm Take a little time out Take a little love in Expect - unexpected Expect - unexpected - now Jon Anderson
Oh Helen I know this Is an unexpected love Oh Helen I promise There's nothing to be scared of Graham Colton
So I love when you call unexpected 'Cause I hate when the moment's expected So I'ma care for you, you, you I'ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah The Weekend
Something unexpected, something out the blue. Started out as nothing, but love grew. Took a new direction, took a turn for you. Michael Brun
And not to mention Despite pretension You are infinitely interesting to me And it's so unexpected My heart feels unprotected I'm so thankful for that way you look at me, me Keaton Henson
Can you ever plan to be surprised Be ready for the new and unexpected Somewhere down the line he'll know no doubt This love will shred your heart, leave you wanting more Basia
It was an unexpected night The sun was somewhere, but out of sight So familiar, yet unexplored and new We surrendered to our love in bloom Deborah Cox
You were unexpected, when our lips connected I was resurrected; never found a love like you (love like you) Don't care where I'm headed when the world is ending 'cause you are my heaven; never found a love like you (love like you) The Cab
Anticipated pleasure or unexpected pain No choice I fear And love is hard to measure hidden in the rain Alison Krauss
Some times all it takes Is an unexpected I love you To wrap your arms around the one that you love That's what it's all about It's the little things that count Aaron Pritchett
I love the silver of your gold I love the gentle of your day I love the unexpected tender of your way I even love the sudden winters of your May Cilla Black