Waiting For Love Sayings and Quotes

Maybe there’s truth in the saying “fools rush in.” When it comes to love, it may be best to wait, or at the very least slow down. Choose Mr. or Mrs. Right over Right Now with the collection of wise and humorous waiting for love quotes below.

I could never really love / because as it turns out / I didn't even know how to love myself R.H. Sin
In a world filled with women / I hope you find someone / who isn't afraid to commit / to a relationship with just you R.H. Sin
Love me or step aside so another person can. Agnes Bonas
Love yourself first, then you can love everybody else. Agnes Bonas
If you don't love yourself, you won't be able to love others. Agnes Bonas
We all have scars; it doesn't mean we should give up on love. Agnes Bonas
We are free to love who we want, be who we want, and say what we want. Agnes Bonas