Wellness Sayings and Quotes

Health and wellness might be a trendy industry now but staying healthy should always be in style. We only get one body and one life to live, so it’s in our best interest to treat it with care. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and insightful quotes about wellness.

To avoid sickness eat less; to prolong life worry less. Chu Hui Weng
The existence of illness in the body may no doubt be called a shadow of the true illness which is held by man in his mind. Hazrat Khan
A bodily disease, which we look upon as whole and entire within itself, may, after all, be but a symptom of some ailment in the spiritual part. Nathaniel Hawthorne
Even people who aren't sick may not have optimal wellness. Brian Carter
The greatest wealth is health. Virgil
A healthy outside starts from the inside. Robert Urich
There are six components of wellness: proper weight and diet, proper exercise, breaking the smoking habit, control of alcohol, stress management and periodic exams. Kenneth H. Cooper
Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other. Joseph Addison
Health and intellect are the two blessings of life. Menander
When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. Billy Graham
Your prayer must be for a sound mind in a sound body. Juvenal
A sound mind in a sound body, is a short, but full description of a happy state in this World: he that has these two, has little more to wish for; and he that wants either of them, will be little the better for anything else. John Locke
A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ. John Steinbeck
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. Irish Proverb
The human body is the best picture of the human soul. Anthony Robbins
Health of body and mind is a great blessing, if we can bear it. John Henry Cardinal Newman
For happy health, fuel yourself with dreams and greens. Terri Guillemets
Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well. Marcus Valerius Martial
"Good health is the mind, body, and soul living in harmony as one. Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being." J. Standord
The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. Anthony Robbins
A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier. Tom Stoppard
Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. Norman Cousins
Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise. Mike Adams
The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in. B.K.S. Iyengar
Eat well. Move daily. Hydrate often. Sleep lots. Love your body. It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you. You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. Dr. Mark Hyman
Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. One healthy meal at a time. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn
Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners. William Shakespeare
Sunday. Take it slow and give your soul a chance to catch up with your body. Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one. Astrid Alauda
Today is your day to start fresh, to eat right, to train hard, to live healthy, to be proud. Bonnie Pfiester
The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Ann Wigmore