Windmill Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old windmill quotes, windmill sayings, and windmill proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

There are those who could use poetic imagery to comment on tilting at these modern windmills. Me, I just like the way they look. Anton Pardoe
I'm gonna pretend there are tulips. And windmills. One of the benefits of being blind is... I can imagine the way things look, any way I like. Matt Corman
Windmill, windmill for the land / Turn forever hand in hand / Take it all in on your stride Brian Burton
The wind makes the windmill turn / The wind makes the world go round and round David Nesta Marley
Kick the dust I'm moving on / Don't care where I'm coming from / Windmill keep on turning David Yong Choi
Windmill / Are you still afraid of nothing? / (Is the wind still your friend?) Julia Skiba
Anything, but giving in / Fighting windmills, in the end / You win, you win / I can't stop, fighting windmills Barry Hay
Windmill, windmill, keep on turning / Show me the way, Take me today Michael Weikath
Windmill, windmill, hearts are yearning / Longing for love and a chance to be free Michael Weikath
And the world is like an apple whirling silently in space / Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind! Marilyn Bergman
But I feel I'm growing older / And the songs that I have sung / Echo in the distance / Like the sound / Of a windmill going round Ritchie Blackmore
Through the woodland, through the valley / Comes a horseman wild and free / Tilting at the windmills passing Gordon Lightfoot
Keep your head still / I'll be your thrill / The night will go on / My little windmill Delonge Thomas
Newton was the youthful inventor of the kite and windmill. Samuel R. Wells
The most obvious use of windmills through the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was to provide domestic water supply. T. Lindsay Baker
Windmills pumped the water for much of rural America for decades. T. Lindsay Baker
The first documented windmill is built in what is now France. Claire O'Neal
The Dutch begin to experiment with windmills to drain flooded areas. Claire O'Neal
The image of the Dutch windmill is common even today, because windmills revolutionized life in the Netherlands starting in the 1600s Claire O'Neal
As early as 500 to 900 CE, Persians may have developed a unique windmill independently of the rest of the world. Claire O'Neal
Today, modern windmills called wind turbines make electricity. Tea Benduhn
In Holland, the Dutch use windmills to pump water out of their soggy fields. Linda Miller
The windmills' blades turn by wind power. This hard-working machine performs many chores. It can grind grain, water crops, or make electricity. Linda Miller
A windmill uses sails that are driven around by the force of the wind. Steve Way
A water pump windmill, still common in many rural areas of the United States, uses the energy from wind to draw water from underground. Gregory J. Davenport
If you come across a windmill, take the time to check it out. Although many have been abandoned, it may still provide a water source. Gregory J. Davenport
A windmill uses wind energy to make electricity. Doreen Scott-Dunne
Wind units for grinding grain, pumping water, and other similar uses have been used for several centuries, dating back to development by the Persians. R. Nolan Clark