Wine Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old wine quotes, wine sayings, and wine proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Wine gives courage and makes men more apt for passion. Ovid
Where there is no wine there is no love. Euripides
Wine makes a symphony of a good meal. Fernande Garvin
Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, makes weariness forget his toil. Lord Byron
Wine evokes much more than just a flavor; it brings back memories and experiences. Daniel Johnnes
Breaking bread and sharing wine are the most symbolic acts of generosity and peace that I know of. Daniel Johnnes
A person with increasing knowledge and sensory education may derive infinite enjoyment from wine. Ernest Hemingway
For wine has participated universally in the cultural ascent of man, serving as a festive drink at his birth, a solemn drink at his death, a sacred drink in religious ceremonies, and a stimulant of discussion in symposium in intellectual colloquia. Salvatore P. Lucia
There must be always wine and fellowship or we are truly lost. Ann Fairbairn
Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine. Fran Lebowitz
Wine has been a part of civilized life for some seven thousand years. It is the only beverage that feeds the body, soul, and spirit of man, and at the same time stimulates the mind. Robert Mondavi
Wine is made to be drunk as women are made to be loved; profit by the freshness of youth or the splendor of maturity; do not await decrepitude. Theopile Malvezin
Wine is the sort of alcoholic beverage that does not destroy but enriches life; does not distort but clarifies perspective; does not seduce except in a way worth humanly being seduced. Bill St. John
Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance. Benjamin Franklin
Making good wine is a skill, fine wine, and art. Robert Mondavi
To buy very good wine nowadays requires only money. To serve it to your guests is a sign of fatigue. William F. Buckley
Wine speaks to all the senses; the eyes behold the color, tone, and shade; the nose, the bouquet; the fingers and lips caress the cool crystal; the ears delight in the subtle swishing of the liquid; the tongue rejoices in the reward of a rich harvest. Mary Lou Posch
When the wine is in, the wit is out. Thomas Becon
Wine is the sacred, symbolic, romantic beverage, the only one fittingly used to celebrate the Holy Mass, to launch ships, to make the connoisseur's banquet perfect, to toast bride, beggar, or king. Leon D. Adams
Winemaking is the world's second-oldest profession and, no doubt, it has eased the burden of the world's oldest. Tony Aspler
Compromises are for relationships, not wine. Sir Robert Scott Caywood
Wine makes a man more pleased with himself; I do not say it makes him more pleasing to others. Samuel Johnson
Wine is a living liquid containing no preservatives. Its life cycle comprises youth, maturity, old age, and death. When not treated with reasonable respect, it will sicken and die. Julia Child
Milk is the drink of babies, tea the drink of women, water the drink of beasts, and wine is the drink of the Gods. John Stuart Blackie
We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine. Eduardo Galeano
Wine is the flower in the buttonhole of life. Werumius Buning
The best wine...that goeth down sweetly, causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak. Song of Solomon 7:9
Wine nourishes, refreshes, and cheers. Wine is the foremost of all medicines...Whenever wine is lacking, medicines become necessary. The Talmud
Wine was created from the beginning to make men joyful, and not to make men drunk. Wine drunk with moderation is the joy of the soul and the heart. Ecclesiastes 31:35-36
Wine maketh glad the heart of man. Psalms 104:15