Worrying Sayings and Quotes

When life gets stressful, it’s difficult not to feel worried. Although worrying will not fix the problem, the act of worrying makes us at least feel like we are doing something. The bad news is that worrying can also be paralyzing. Don’t let anxiety consume you. Take a deep breath with the collection of wise and insightful quotes about worrying below.

With all the worries that you endure, the last thing you need is a book, filled with pages on how to not worry, and how worrying can lead to stress. Porchia Danielle
Worrying sucks. Porchia Danielle
Is excessive worrying a life style of choice or by reason? Porchia Danielle
From my own personal experiences, worrying will not only stress you, but could possibly lead to serious health complications. Porchia Danielle
I began to accept that worrying is nothing but a sick unrealistic delusion that I had allowed to control me. Porchia Danielle
Worry will not help us change the situation overnight. Porchia Danielle
You will remain defeated when in worry. Porchia Danielle
Worry will destroy you if you allow it to. Porchia Danielle
Let worry no longer disrupt or control your happiness. Porchia Danielle
Worry will hinder you from becoming the best version of yourself. Porchia Danielle
If you devoted half as much time and energy to solving your problems as you do to worrying about them, you wouldn't have any worries. Dale Carnegie
Worrying is just a vicious habit you have learned. Dale Carnegie
Find out precisely what is the problem you are worrying about. Dale Carnegie
The toughest opponent I ever fought was worry. Dale Carnegie
I realized that I had learn to stop worrying, or worry would sap my vitality and undermine my success. Dale Carnegie
What a fool you are to be worrying about something than hasn't happened and may never happen. Dale Carnegie
I kept reminding myself that losing sleep and worrying would destroy my health. Dale Carnegie
One of the ways worriers have learned to cope is by not telling others about our worrying for fear they will start worrying. Anne Wilson Schaef
Somehow, we believe we are such good cons that if we don't tell others about our worrying they will not know that we are worrying. Anne Wilson Schaef
It's difficult to see our worry as self-centered even when we are worrying about ourselves. Anne Wilson Schaef
Since much worry can go under the guise of worrying about others, we get away with it. Anne Wilson Schaef
We are worrying about something that may or may not happen. When we are mentally and emotionally preparing for something that might happen, we withdraw into ourselves and become self-absorbed. Anne Wilson Schaef
When we are worrying about something that might happen, we are not trusting that we simply do have all the wisdom and information about this particular issue and ultimately things will work out as they will whether it is what we thought we wanter or not. Anne Wilson Schaef
Life is too short for worrying. Anne Wilson Schaef
Worrying is the one skill that can be applied to everything in life. Anne Wilson Schaef
We complain about our worrying, but let someone say something bad about worrying or try to take it away from us and we are ready to challenge Goliath himself. Anne Wilson Schaef
The process of worrying includes such issues as how people worry, when they worry, where they worry, and how worry affects them. Anne Wilson Schaef
The content of worrying is what people worry about - well, almost everything - children, money, self-esteem, health, what other people think of them, the weather, promotions, the future, the past, the present. Anne Wilson Schaef
We sort our lives into carefully labeled boxes: things we definitely need to worry about; things we may need to worry about; things we already have worried about and it didn't do any good; things we worried about where there was a definite payoff; things we are worried about worrying about; things that we definitely do not need to worry about. Anne Wilson Schaef
Somehow, worrying doesn't have the same status as "doing". Anne Wilson Schaef