Wrestling Sayings and Quotes

Whether you prefer WWE or Lucha Libre, the art of wrestling has captured audiences all over the world. Who can blame them? It’s got drama, athleticism, and spectacle. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and humorous wrestling quotes.

No activity I know is more of a confidence builder and the same at time more humility training than wrestling. James Leach
Wrestling is ballet with violence. Jesse Ventura
Wrestling teaches you nothing comes easy. Nothing in life comes easy, so you have to work at it. Mike Sullivan
Wrestling needs to be about the art form again. It needs to be about painting a picture and having a really good match. Hulk Hogan
No matter what kind of wrestler, everyone is afraid of getting tired. J. Robinson
Everything I do is to become better, the best ever and I'm not going to stop. Dolph Ziggler
Wrestling is a team sport, and an individual sport all rolled into one. William Baldwin
When the day comes when you don't believe in yourself, there's the door. Get the hell out. John Cena
Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit. Give everything you got today for tomorrow may never come. Dan Gable
The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination. Tommy Lasorda
If your goal isn't to be on top, then you don't deserve to be here. Big E Langston
Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy. Dan Gable
Whether fighting or spitting, my discipline is unforgiving! John Cena
It's a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired - you quit when the gorilla is tired. Robert Strauss
Blood, sweat and respect. The first two you give. The last you earn. Give it. Earn it. The Rock
Always remember the pain of defeat, and never let it happen again. Dan Gable
You can run I will chase you. You can hide I will find you. We're gonna fight and I'm gonna hurt you. John Cena
Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. Lou Holtz
It makes you remember every time that even the best can lose. One mistake can change everything. Georges St. Pierre
Win if you can, lose is you must, but ALWAYS cheat!. Jesse Ventura
The pain of preparation is nothing like the pain of losing. John Smith
Never Back Down and Never Quit. John Cena
There's no drama like wrestling. Kane
Never wrestle with a strong man nor bring a rich man to court. Latvian Proverb
You've got to get obsessed and stay obsessed. John Irving
Success isn't always about greatness, it's about consistency. The Rock
Determination is the strength needed to succeed. Dan Gable
You're never a loser until you quit trying. Mike Ditka
If you are afraid to fail, you will never succeed. Dan Gable
The most important thing about being in wrestling is that you have to connect with the crowd, connect with the fans, and you either want them to love you, or to hate you. Either way, so long as they're reacting to what you're doing. Chris Jericho