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There are many other chakras, or nadis as they are also called. There are chakras in the hands, fingertips, feet and a number of other areas. Frederick Lenz
The power chakra is the navel center. The center of balance is the heart chakra; it's the center of our being. The third eye is the center of wisdom, the Agni chakra. Frederick Lenz
Your heart chakra is not in your physical body. It is in your subtle physical body, but it comes in contact with your physical body in this location. Frederick Lenz
In the chakras, it's the heart chakra, anahata, the central chakra, three above and three below, which symbolizes happiness and love, psychic oneness, spiritual understanding. Frederick Lenz
Chakras are mystical energy centers that exist within the human aura. Tremendous occult power resides in a person's chakras. Siddha masters draw upon that power during meditation, store it within themselves, and later use it to perform miracles. Frederick Lenz
There are also places of power that reference the fourth and fifth chakras, which are places of balance, and places of power that reference the sixth and seventh chakras, which are places of wisdom. Frederick Lenz
The crown chakra is located several inches above the head, but it is not connected. The crown chakra, also known as the thousand-petal lotus of light, references the planes of light, of enlightenment. Frederick Lenz
You will be reborn. You will come from the inner to the outer again. This process goes on indefinitely. Frederick Lenz
Reincarnation is simply changing awareness. What you are reincarnating into are different states of mind. The whole show is on the inside. Frederick Lenz
Reincarnation is not something that occurs at death; it is something that takes place at every moment. Death and rebirth are occurring every second. Frederick Lenz
Reincarnation is a process in which a finite being will go through a series of transmutations and will perceive different things. There will be a continuity of perception. Frederick Lenz
Purity is receptivity, the ability to sit and wait patiently, for as long as necessary, for the coming of the light. Frederick Lenz
Purity is very fragile when it takes physical manifestation. It is very, very strong in its original aspect. Frederick Lenz
Purity is something that comes from another world. It's a radiance that enters into this world of transformation and change. Frederick Lenz
Purity means lack of hatred, jealousy, fear, greed and lust the absence of anything that can stain consciousness. Frederick Lenz
Purity is also developed in action. Purity is developed when we love. Frederick Lenz
Purity is developed through caring. You need to care about light and the matters of light, truth, religion and spirituality. Frederick Lenz
Purity is essential for just your own peace of mind; otherwise, you'll go through this world like a mad person, howling and screaming and cursing, never satisfied, never happy. Frederick Lenz
Purity is innocence, the innocence of lack of self. Desire is innocent unless it's connected with self. Frederick Lenz
Power is emotionless; yet one with personal power will experience more emotions. Frederick Lenz
There is the flash in the pan, the sudden success. But continued success is dependent upon tremendous attention to detail. Frederick Lenz
Personal power is really the issue. It is only through tremendous attention to detail that you will be able to gain personal power and searing self-honesty. Frederick Lenz
Meditation is wondering. It is both wondering and wonder. Frederick Lenz
Sexuality is the primary focus of our culture, and almost no one has come to resolve it. Frederick Lenz
Don't be afraid of losing a little power in daily associations. People who seek power and knowledge aren't misers. They aren't afraid. That is paranoid. Frederick Lenz
Becoming enlightened is not special, but it's unusual. Frederick Lenz
Unhappiness is really an incorrect way of seeing. When we are unhappy we don't see life as it really is. We are in a condition of veiled light, of shadows. Frederick Lenz
Even sickness becomes an experience that we pass through in happiness because our happiness is not dependent upon how our body feels, but how our spirit feels. Frederick Lenz
You are happiest when you are most humble. You are most miserable when you are egotistical. Frederick Lenz
Celibacy doesn't make you enlightened, otherwise every nun or priest in Buddhism or Christianity would be enlightened. People who don't date and can't get any action would be enlightened. Frederick Lenz