Frederick Lenz Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old Frederick Lenz quotes, Frederick Lenz sayings, and Frederick Lenz proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

A mantra is a thought. Use a mantra to help you still your mind initially and then move into silent meditation. Frederick Lenz
When there's nothing but humility, there's nothing but spiritual oneness. Frederick Lenz
Honestly admitting what you lost and not trying to rationalize it or push it off is an important step in self-assessment and mindfulness. Frederick Lenz
Get in touch with nature. The stillness of nature is profound and yet subtle. Frederick Lenz
You perceive yourself as being solid and physical, limited to a body. You are made up of light, endless mind. The way you see life is a limited state of mind. Frederick Lenz
The signs of psychic draining - we call aging. Frederick Lenz
To be psychic is to see without the senses and to keep the thoughts and emotions of others out of your awareness. Frederick Lenz
The psychic world is a dimensional plane that you can gain access to. It is a dimension of feeling and clear seeing. Frederick Lenz
Psychic awareness leads to a true perception not only of events, but just of life itself. It is its own raison d'etre. Frederick Lenz
Psychic beings are childlike, delicate and easily destroyed. Frederick Lenz
What does it mean to be psychic? Essentially it means to feel, rather than think all the time. Frederick Lenz
Psychic perception is a much more efficient and accurate method of seeing and knowing reality. Frederick Lenz
If you just develop your psychic ability and don't learn psychic self-defense, you become more sensitive, open, and vulnerable. Frederick Lenz
How do you develop your psychic abilities? Well, to begin with, naturally, you have to want to and believe that it is possible. Frederick Lenz
The hindrances to being psychic are a general dullness that develops from living in the material world, and being a material girl. Frederick Lenz
If you are psychic you can perceive that someone may love you and they can't show it. Someone may seek to harm you and they mask it. Frederick Lenz
Being psychic does not necessarily mean seeing an event that has not yet occurred. It is rather seeing the inner nature of something. Frederick Lenz
If you are psychic you may see that the smiling faces aren't smiling at all, inside. You can eliminate those individuals from your life and cancel their effect. Frederick Lenz
Psychic development makes you strong. It develops a common sense attitude in which you don't expose yourself to forces, people and situations that would drain you. Frederick Lenz
If you are psychic you will become much more aware of the beauty of life. If you are psychic, when you look at a rose, you will see and feel the essence of the rose. Frederick Lenz
A person who is psychic is following a line of probability to see a probable future; but it can change. Another causal fact will interfere and that future won't happen. Frederick Lenz
If you are psychic, you can see into the minds of others. You can use that opening to aid somebody. Sometimes someone's trying to tell you something and they don't even know what it is. Frederick Lenz
Psychic development is not a fanatical, freaky study, predicting the future, talking to UFOs, and being able to find out curious facts that are basically irrelevant to one's time in life. Frederick Lenz
Everyone is psychic. Being psychic is not a particular talent. Everybody has a left foot. Some people may just walk with that foot, some people may drag it, and some may learn to dance with it. Frederick Lenz
As you evolve and develop your psychic abilities, you will enter into perceptions of life, truth, beauty and you will gain a power to live your life in an intelligent, perceptive and strong way. Frederick Lenz
Psychic development is a necessary skill in leading a successful and happy life. Your intellectual processes and your senses don't give you enough information to distinguish the real from the unreal. Frederick Lenz
The psychic perception is a feeling as opposed to a thinking. Not a feeling that is engendered through emotion necessarily. It comes from the psychic plane of intuition, which is another stage of our mind. Frederick Lenz
Psychic impressions can also remain in a physical location for some time. You can move into a home just vacated, pick-up the thought forms from the previous tenants, and assume they were your own thoughts and feelings. Frederick Lenz
The psychic plane is clouded over by emotions and thoughts and the general dullness and malaise that develops in our contemporary world through the social conditioning that most individuals experience in the modern era. Frederick Lenz
In the psychic process we are trying to eliminate everyone else from our minds, their effects, their energies, their influences: 'To thine own self be true and it must follow as the night the day, thou cans't be false to any man.' Frederick Lenz